Monday, December 5, 2011

O Christmas Tree decorations

This was our first year to buy a Christmas tree in NYC.
Makeshift tree farms began springing up all over the city the week of Thanksgiving.
I could hardly wait to get our own.
The first time we attempted to get The Rigo Family Christmas tree, the guy selling them was high as a kite.
Justin asked him if the dimebag was free with purchase of the tree or if it was extra.
Through squinty eyes, he gave a mellow, Oh, I don't know, man.
Not quite the quaint experience I was hoping for, so we decided to try another place.
And I am so glad we did.

The beautiful tree farm. Just regular ole Fraser Firs. No dimebags. The way Christmas should be.

This is Jared. He's from Canada. He was a good tree guy.
As in he was friendly and loved our accents and wasn't high.

Justin and Jared could've chatted it up all night.

But I was really excited to get our little tree home.

Canadian Jared bides his time whittling reindeer. So cute, I know.

Us, happy.

J sizing up the tree, I suppose.

I typically go for white lights on our tree, but this year I wanted to change it up.
These big ole colorful vintage bulbs called my name all the way from the Harlem Target.

The back of our apartment, all merry and bright.

A glittery snowflake as a tree topper. Thank you, Tarjay dolla bin.

And a striped little dolla bin tablecloth-turned-tree-skirt.

Some traditional red and green that hasn't actually made it's way to the tree yet.

For now, our sweet little tree stands proudly, simply boasting lights and a skirt and a glittery topper.
Later, I might add some vintage decor...
Think popcorn + cranberry chains and dried orange slices.
Bur for now? I think it's kinda perfect. Sweet and simple and perfect.

With nary a dimebag in sight.


  1. haha. the perils of getting a christmas tree in nyc. love your little tree!

  2. Friendly, loved your accents, and wasn't high...all good requirements.

  3. Your apartment looks great and festive! how fun, getting a tree in NY.

  4. it looks perfect just the way it is. love the large lights.

  5. he bides his time widdling reindeer. so funny.

    j totally looks like he's saying "show me whatchu got TREE" in that one pic. my monies on j.

    merry christmas to the rigos!

  6. Your place looks so cozy! I love the pic of J sizing up the tree. Lol'd.

    I'm glad that you found a cheerful canadian reindeer wittler instead of dimebag joe to sell you a frasier fir. :)

    I ended up not putting our gold ornaments from target dolla spot on the tree but mixed in with other colorful ornaments in mason jars as a centerpiece.

  7. Love a tree with lights, no matter the size. Just has peace written all over it. Merry Christmas to you and your hubs! He appears to be a true trooper.

  8. I love those big vintage colorful bulbs! Those are the kind my parents always had, and even still use to this day. Even though I use white lights, those seem so much more festive! Glad the Harlem Target served you well.

  9. We got our first Queens Christmas tree this weekend, too! Soooo exciting! Sadly, we got nothing extra with ours... I mean, what's Christmas without a dime bag?

    Also, is this Jared fellow single? I could think of a few friends who could use a reindeer-whittling Canadian.

  10. I can't tell you how much I like the vintage theme you have going on. It's perfect. And very New York in my opinion.

  11. Canadian Jareds and vintagey colored lights? That sounds like the best way to kick off the season! Now you just have to add some Swazzle :)

  12. Sooo cute! Love the vintage lights :) I love the idea of adding the popcorn, orange slices and cranberries :)

    Your husband looks like he feels so accomplished sizing up that tree lol

  13. I had an experience similar to that once (the dimebag). My family and I were driving around town looking at the christmas lights & when we pulled up to a stoplight some dude was selling Christmas Crack. He even put giltter on it.

  14. I love your tree! And fun lights for something different. I'm glad I'm not the only one who ghetto rigs something into a Christmas tree skirt. This year it's two red curtains.

  15. we're getting our tree this week & I'm so excited about it! hope we have a good as time as it looks like you guys did :)

  16. love your sweet little tree! Never considered how hard it could be to find one in a city.

  17. A dimebag Christmas? How...festive?

    I love the retro big lights! My parents string them on their house every year. I joke that they better not break a bulb because they can't find a replacement...but now I know, Harlem Target!!


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