Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like the weekend

It's also beginning to look and smell a lot like Christmas in our apartment.

We purchased our first New York City Christmas tree.
More to come on that next week.

We attempted a family pic with the tree.
Yeah, we'll be doing that over.

We've got some toys to deliver.

Some holiday magazines to read and some treats to enjoy.
Thanks to a special package from home.

But mostly? It's the weekend, y'all, and I am looking forward to relaxing with my man
and taking in all the holiday festiveness around us.
And maybe taking a less blurry pic with our tree.

ps...  I know you are eyeballin' my Iviemade pillow.
You should put anything Iviemade on your wishlist this season.
There's even Iviebaby. Trust me, you will love it so.


  1. We're getting our tree this weekend, I CANNOT wait. It's the first tree I've ever bought for my own home. (My excuse is that because I'd always travel home to the U.S. a week before Christmas it just seemed like a waste.) Excuses no more! This weekend I'll be stocking up on new ornaments and light chains!

    Can't wait to see your decorated tree!

  2. I love your Christmas tree pic. It's sort of mysterious. And I love your big tree lights and your new pillow and you! Merry NYC Christmas!

  3. Thanks not only for the super sweet shout outs, friend, but for also doing a bang up job of styling that pillow. I knew you'd represent me well

    Now I feel like a huge ass for this morning :(

  4. ohhhhh cooozzzyyyyy. I love the little tree you two picked out. So perf.

    I want to come over and hang out in your christmassy home.

  5. oh and iviemade pillow is adorable. Looks god next to the stripes on the sofa.

  6. i like your big old-fashioned Christmas tree lights.

    and the pillow is lovely.

  7. Keep the family picture. It's perfect.

  8. Love the christmas lights and the strategically karate chopped Ivie made pillow :) Your place looks great!

  9. hooray for christmas trees and iviemade and all other glorious things the weekend and season behold!

    p.s. we fail at a tree picture nearly every year. more on that on the blog later this month...

  10. i actually like the blurry tree pic. its quite artsy. also have you tried candy cane oreos? if you haven't, you need to. they are divine.

  11. I thought the blurry picture was supposed to be artsy until I read the comment! Ha! Just go with that.

  12. Oh man, I totally made that comment before I read Nessa's. Promise.

  13. you guys and your christmas tree and bama sweatshirt... love it so.

    and those oreos? make ya wanna slap someone?

  14. There are probably better things I should be focusing on in this post but none of that matters until I find out more about that fudgy Ritz situation up there... Seriously, I need to look into that.

  15. I feel as though Better Homes and Garden's is a holiday must. It even looks great paired with candy canes. :)

  16. Vanessa- Excuses no more! Tree decor coming soonish.

    Lynn- And Merry Alabama Christmas to you, friend!

    E- No worries, sister.

    lady lee- open invite. duh.

    Kate- Thanks! I really dig it, too.

    Brhea- You're so nice. Thank you!

    Shannon- Yes, hooray!

  17. Nessa + Kimberly- Once I actually looked at the pic, I realized how much I liked it. Happy accident. Thank you for your lovely words. :)

    Bridget- I might have actually slapped someone.

    laurenjeanallece- Yes, yes you do. But don't slight the covered oreos. They will change your life, too.

    Ashley- I agree. :)

  18. as a recent visitor, i can attest to the fact that the iviemade pillow is pretty awesome. and very well made. can't wait for you to share your christmas tree story.

  19. Looking festive over there! Love that mini wreath and I've always loved that fabric on your wondey pillow!

  20. YAY!!!! Love the tree and the big fun colored lights! I am going today to buy and mail you a gift to go under that tree! I'll email when the mission is complete! :) XOXO

  21. haha I love your family picture with the tree! Looks like such a fun and festive home!

  22. Colleen- Coming soon. :)

    Carolyn- It's pretty snazzy, I must say. And exceptionally well made.

    Deanna- Thanks friend.

    sherri lynn- Yay! Festive was my aim.

  23. I love Christmas Molly. And I want to see the completed tree.


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