Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In case you haven't been properly introduced...

Blogworld, meet Rigobaby.
Rigobaby, meet blogworld.

Back when I meet up with these fly ladies in Boston, I knew they'd all be bringing one thing that I didn't have...
A baby boy born within the past 12 months.
So I got busy and made a baby. With construction paper and lots of love.
Justin was at work that particular night.
I texted him, I made a baby.
Safe to say, he was a bit confused.

Maybe one day, blogworld, I will be able to introduce you to a real Rigobaby.
Until then, you have to admit, paper Rigobaby is kinda cute.


  1. That is so funny! You and Justin will make great parents one day!

    I have been up for 3 1/2 hours timing contractions. I should probably go to the hospital but I am just not sure I am ready for Cartee baby #4 today??

  2. Ha ha this is hilarious and truly awesome! :D

  3. haha. love rigobaby. i'll have to meet him next time i come over!

  4. Now it was your turn to freak me out and make my pulse start racing! For a moment I thought I stumbled on a real announcement. Whew...your Rigobaby is very cute, though.

  5. rigo baby was the most well-behaved baby of the bunch too.

  6. you are so crazy! I can't wait to meet the real baby Rigo someday! love you!

  7. Too cute... I can imagine that husband was confused! :-) Love it!

  8. Love it! So glad you did that. Too funny!!! It's cute but I know not as cute as the real thing will be.

  9. hooray! I love Rigobaby, even though I put him in that nasty rocker. Sorry about that.

  10. I literally pray everyday for a real rigobaby.

    love to you.

  11. I love him! He has J's hair and your sweet demeanor.

    Can't wait for the real thing.

  12. he is so cute! i think he has your eyes!
    good luck with creating the real rigobaby!! :)

  13. haha I know the feeling of being left out of the baby-momma thing. Good idea!

  14. If you need me to explain how to make a real one, I will. I will. Email me.


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