Friday, December 23, 2011

have a holly jolly Christmas

Last Saturday, a friend and I met up for manicures.
We were talking about what color we wanted when I said to Jessica,
I think I want one glittered nail on each hand (a subtle nod to this lady).
Jessica nodded in agreement and said, Oh you mean a disco nail.
You learn something new everyday.

Merry Christmas from me and my disco nail!


Merry Christmas from my man and me!

We both like you guys so much.
I like you tons and he likes you because I like you.
That's how marriage works.

From Mr. and Mrs. Rigo to all of you...
may your days be filled with love and light.

see you sometime next week!


  1. Merry Christmas Molly! Hope that you and the hubs have a great holiday! And I'm subtly in love with your disco nail! :)

  2. Disco nail? So fun. :) And Merry Christmas to you & your man; have a wonderful weekend celebrating Emmanuel!

  3. Tis the season for glittery nails! I just stocked up on two fabulous (and fabulously overpriced) polishes yesterday. Expect a post :-)

    And... Merry Christmas! Hope it's amazing!

  4. Love your disco nail and love that i am going to see you in two days more!!!

  5. Love the nails! & I kind of like you and your husband too ;)

    Merry Christmas! xoxo

  6. Love the disco nail and you guys too! Merry Christmas my friend!

  7. Totally diggin' the disco nail! You sport it so well. Merry Christmas to you and your's! I squealed in excitement when I got your Christmas card. I love our new friendship.

  8. disco nail, love it! hope you guys had a good holiday.

  9. Love it! Love you! Miss you! Yours was the first Christmas card I received this year...Loved it!

  10. Happy holidays to you! I love you disco nail.


  11. love this post. I have re-read it a few times now. come back. we miss you.

  12. I'm sayin disco nail for-eva now. Merry Christmas to the only New Yorker I "know"! :)


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