Wednesday, December 7, 2011

decking the halls

With all of our Christmas decor in storage in Alabama, I've had to get creative with decking our halls.
One night, a couple weeks ago, Justin and I sat on the couch together and made paper chains while we watched TV.

I think I got a little carried away and began paperchaining anything that would stand still.

In other decking the hall news, the little yarn wreath lends a festive touch to our bar.

Our tree guy gave me some tree stumps. I'll be using them for candle bases eventually.
Right now they sit on our window ledge making the place smell good.
ps... that's J's grandmother in that pic. I love it so. She looks all old Hollywood glam.

This bunting has been up since Valentine's Day. I can't quit it and I have come to terms with that.

Will you deck your halls?
Tell me tell me tell me, please.


  1. I am so happy to know someone else is rocking the paper chains! It's a classic that remains one of my favorite decorations :)

  2. you know i do. and you'll get to see it next week! that picture of j's grandmother is pretty awesome.

  3. Oh yes we decorate for Christmas... I just adore it! Since it gets dark so early, I think that all the lights just help everything feel cozy instead of just dark. We normally do the main bulk of our decorating in one day and then add little finishing touches as inspiration strikes. I adore this time of year! Love your paper chains...

  4. I love how you have made it work! you never stop amazing me with all your cool ideas. WE have our house decorated from top to bottom. Robbie even put lights on herresons play set. I love this time of the year and try to soak up every minute. The only thing missing is you! i Love you!!!

  5. your apartment looks soo cozy!! i'm in the process of decking my halls and will post pics on my blog soon! i love your tree stump idea! too late now!! maybe next year!! `

  6. love the v-day bunting and the "in our home" sign. don't quit either.

    we will be modestly decorating for christmas. photos to come soon.

  7. We've got our tree up and I bought a few plants, like a poinsettia. But I just am no good at decorating... Which is unfair since my mother is an interior designer. Also, my boyfriend is 20% Scrooge and not impressed with Christmas. So, I think I've struck an ok balance given the circumstances.

  8. I'm thinking the girls and I need to rock some paper chains this week! Love your festive apt.

  9. I saw something the other day about turning tree stumps into personalized ornaments. I can't remember where I saw that now... But it was super cute and may be perfect for your stumps if you have extra!

  10. Love paper chains! Trying to get my kid to enjoy them too...he does enjoy the ripping part!

  11. Oh my, I need to make some paper chains now. Those look so nice!

    We've got a tree and ornaments and I put up a felt garland from Target. I love how cozy it feels with a tree and decorations. 4:30 darkness' got nothin' on sparkling tree lights that's for sure.

  12. I can't believe I didn't comment on this yet! We paper-chained our SF apartment back in the day, paper chains are the best. I am going to pin your chains. We have outdoor lights and an undecorated Christmas tree inside...its a start!


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