Friday, December 16, 2011

The Brazen Me + It's almost Christmas!

 I started doing posts called The Brazen Me on September 28, almost three months ago.
I've updated you a few times on my journey toward becoming a more healthy me.
So far, I have lost 8 pounds.
Not as much as I'd like to report, but at least moving in the right direction.

I have lacked in the determination department as of late. It's hard to break habits, no?
Here's what I know: I desire to be wholly healthy.
Not just physically, but emotionally, relationally, spiritually.
Thanks so much to those of you cheering me on along this journey.

/ / /

In other news... Y'all. Christmas is almost here!
Festive decor has been finding it's way to our apartment since Thanksgiving.
Justin told me he never knew we'd pay money for pinecones.
My response: Yeah, but these smell like cinnamon.
J: They smell like money.

You can see who's the spender and who's the saver, no?

Good things coming next week, friends. Good things.
The big ole blog revamp probably won't make an appearance until 2012, but you never know.
I do love a good surprise.

Merry Almost Christmas, friends!


  1. Ashleigh, you totally beat me!

    I love Brazen Molly, you look especially awesome in your perfect holiday dress! 8 pounds off is something to be proud of! Especially with all the holiday temptations and freezing weather!

    You are awesome. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, and all that other jazz.

  2. smashleighmm + WhitMc- (((blushing)))

  3. Be brazen Miss Molly! 8 pounds is damn awesome! I love the goal of being WHOLLY healthy (I think to many people only focus on one thing at a time and end up missing the point) - keep rockin' it girl!

    p.s. Totally in love with that outfit, the color combination for one but the BOOTS... I am such a sucker for boots.

  4. you look smashing in that outfit. in the picture and in person. and way to stay committed to being healthy!

  5. Love What Justin said about the pine cones. Too funny.! Great job on loosing 8lbs Molly, especially during this season! Love you lots and can't wait to see you!!!

  6. 8 lbs. is wonderful! I've been trying to lose weight to, and it is NOT easy. I hate working out and I love food, so...

    Also, I love your husbands response to the pinecones. One day hundreds of years from now, archeologists will be baffled by the fact that humans once paid for pinecones :-)

  7. I'm glad the Dallas cowboy boots have stayed around, congrats on 8 pounds, and I love the picture of your Christmas decor. It's so lovely. I suppose pinecones aren't as readily available in NYC as they are down south, much less smelling like cinnamon. I'm sure J appreciates them. :)

  8. "They smell like money". What a great line. I could see my mister saying that as well.

  9. Immabout to tell my kid he's going to have to start waking me up to breastfeed when Aunt Molly's posts go up. I mean, WHO ARE these people up at 1:37 in the morning? Ahem.

    Good ole penny pinching Unca J. So like Mike.

    Excited about our date tonight!

  10. 8lbs is a big deal, way to go!

    love the pinecone convo, sounds like me and my fiancé! i am a spender - i just can't help myself!

  11. 8 pounds is awesome- way to go!! You look super hot in your cute dress & boots and I love your Christmas decor!

  12. 8 lbs is fantastic! Look at it this way, it's 8 lbs closer to your goal! Proud of you!

  13. 8 lbs - so easy to gain and SO hard to lose. good work, my friend, good work - especially during holiday time! keep it up! and I love the "it smells like cinnamon/money" quotes... love - jmg

  14. Well shoot, I fell asleep and missed the early post preview last night.

    Eight pounds, go Molly!

    The pinecone thing is funny. Classic male/female right there.

  15. You look fabulous and always very stylish!! I am always tempted to buy a cinnamon broom in Winn Dixie! ha!

  16. Way to go Molly! You may be the only one in the US dropping lbs during November and December! You should be so proud. It is hard to believe you would have to pay for pine cones when you grow up in a place where Saturday chores including picking them up and taking them to the burn pile! :) Love you guys!

  17. Good going Molly... you look beautiful! It is so smart to work on the whole person and so many times I miss this and just focus whole-hog on one thing and let others slip. Good for you and the inspiration you are!
    Christmas decor is an absolute must... when I look at our tree and think of all the sweet people opening the gifts and I can't wait to see their faces and share our first Christmas with our little boy... it is a good time of year!

  18. You're always so lovely, dear Molly.

    {And so was your fabulous Christmas card! Thank you so much for remembering us. Hopefully one from NC will be headed your way this week; I'm a bit behind, ya think?!)

    Thank you for your comment on our blog and for your sweet words about Claire. I know you two would get along just fine. :)

    Well, I can't wait to see your "blog revamp", and I'm glad you dropped a little coin for the cinnamon pinecones - totally worth it! And "Merry Almost Christmas" to you and yours :)

  19. You look wonderful, Molly! Congrats on the weight loss, no matter how small it still counts. Cinnamon pinecones & brooms are one of my favorite things about fall/winter


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