Monday, December 19, 2011

baby, it's finally cold outside

It's 28 degrees as I type this, the coldest it's been this season in NYC other than the freak Halloween snow storm.

Our neighbors have an alarm clock that has been going off every 6 minutes for the past 24 hours. I almost don't even notice it anymore. I think they might've already taken off for the holidays and forgot to reset their clock. Justin thinks they might be dead. Let's hope it's the former.

I heard a little girl tell her mother what she wanted for Christmas as I was walking down the sidewalk.
She was maybe seven...
"A pink scooter. A tattoo on my forehead. Neon yellow hair. Oh! and 42 iPads."
The mom replied: Why would you need 42 iPads? You only have one set of hands.
Daughter: So I can play all the games at the same time while I text.
The mom: What games would you play?
Daughter: Angry Birds, Scrabble and all the other ones.
Brother, who's maybe four, chimes in: But 22 of them need to be Kindle Fires.

The subways are filled with folks going home for the holidays evidenced by suitcases on wheels and bags overflowing with festively wrapped gifts. I can't help but wonder where they're going, who all they will visit, what gifts they chose. Even though it's crazy crowded, I love it.

I try to look up as much as possible when I walk. Christmas trees and strings of lights and wreaths dot apartment windows and balconies from the ground floor all the way to the sky.

I have always wished for a certain experience in New York and today it finally happened. I hopped on the subway at our neighborhood stop. I quickly found a seat and settled in for my ride. I glanced up and noticed a girl in a beautiful green peacoat. And then I realized the girl wearing that pretty number was my friend Ashley. On the same train. In my same subway car. She lives in Queens. I live in Manhattan. What are the odds? It's a small world even in this big city.

The last time I took a cab, I was on my way to a friend's for a little party. I was wearing a fancy dress with absolutely no shame. The air was crisp. Little Drummer Boy belted from the radio. Christmas tree vendors were selling firs to young and old alike. Christmas might have arrived at that very moment for me.

We celebrated my parents' Christmas visit to the city with a family dinner, just the four of us. Our tree twinkled, Pandora rocked seasonal tunes, everyone contributed their own special dish, candles flickered. We laughed. We ate. We took our time and didn't rush. We were altogether and right where we wanted to be. There was something so special about that night. Almost like a little voice whispered to me, Don't forget this. I found myself answering, As if I could.

Christmas magic doesn't only occur on December 25th.

Tender moments and comical ones, too, are all around us, daring us to pause and be captivated. I don't want to rush through these days or allow them to pass me by in a flash.

If Little Drummer Boy is going play, I am going to listen. And probably sing along, too.

Don't forget this.

As if I could.


  1. really great post! a few things: 1 - the conversation with the little girl is amazing. and neon hair and tattoo on her forehead? she's going to be quite the handful as a teenager. 2 - isn't it nice to treat yourself to a cab every now and then? i really enjoy it. 3 - loved what you said about dinner with your parents. and the candles in trader joe's wine bottles.

  2. I love your blog, and especially this reminder to look for the Christmas magic during this whole season. I'd like to sing along with you and that little drummer boy.

  3. Great post as always molly. YOu have such a way with words. If only i could write like you. I am so thrilled that you get to spend this wonderful season in such an amazing city. I just wish i was there to sing along with you to the Little Drummer Boy. You know i would. " I have no gift to bring, pa rum pa pum pum to give a king, pa rum pa pum pum "

    See you soon!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  4. So true... all of it! I find that the older I get (now that makes me sound old, but you know what I mean) I want to squeeze the moments more and just savor it all... to not take miss all the beautiful little things that happen every day. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Your family dinner reminds me so much of our Thanksgiving dinner. Me, my boyfriend, my parents, around our little table in our little apartment. It was so, so special.

    Also, kids in Manhattan often frighten me. They are other-worldly.

  6. Well this one had me tearing up.

    Great post Molly.


  7. small world moments in big cities might be the best thing ever.

  8. Very nice...very sweet. Thanks for sharing! jmg

  9. I agree that it was a wonderful post. I think I only wanted a My Little Pony when I was 7. That conversation was hilarious. And I hope your neighbors are okay.

  10. I love, love, love, seeing people randomly on the metro. I love that it happened to you, and that you noticed Ashley's beautiful green coat before realizing it was her!

  11. great post... and totally true. christmas magic happens long before december 25th... no doubt.

  12. It's all so magical!

    I love the picture of the lights on the little apartment balconies. Sweet.

    Is your place a studio? Is that your bed right next to the yellow couch?

  13. Erin- It is a studio, but that bed you see is the air mattress for company. Good eye, you.

  14. Love this post! I love all the Christmas spirit and especially your story about seeing your friend on the subway.

  15. It's already been said but I'm going for it - GREAT post! Definitely had the eyes watering (and a gigle or two at that overheard conversation about the ipads).

    Also, I love that you rock the candle-in-a-wine-bottle, because as I type this I am staring at my collection of the same decor.AND it gave me an idea of something I want to send you!

  16. Beautiful. I just got the shivers.

    Love your blog, Molly!

    Your words... They always keep me coming back for more!

  17. Hey-o! Thanks for the comment love guys! Blushing big time.

  18. Exactly what I have wanted to say in my last couple of posts, but didn't quite have the writing skillz to do so. Love this post and all the magical pictures. (and love the 42 ipad conversation you heard)

  19. don't you love those small new york moments... ? and i never thought i'd say this... but i'm kinda glad it's finally cold. it's not christmas without COLD.

  20. You turn everyday into magic, Molly.

    Oh, and the neighbors with the alarm clock? B and I were them on more than one occasion in San Francisco. I apologize on their behalf.

    22 Kindle Fires? Kids kill me.


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