Thursday, December 1, 2011

all lit up

I was little when I knew I wanted to go New York City at Christmas to see the Rockefeller tree.
Justin and I moved to Manhattan the day before they took the tree down last January.
We did see it and my childhood dream was greatly fulfilled,
but I still wanted to see it lit up for the very first time this season.

So we got to 30Rock really early.

I was giddy as we waited...

 and waited some more.

So giddy, in fact, I had crazy eyes in this pic of J and me.
I'll just say visions of Christmas trees danced in my head. That sounds right.

Trying to redeem the crazy.

Almost ready.

Oh, hey there, Neil. I think we just saw each other last week, remember? Glad you could make it.

And tada! All lit up and so very beautiful.

30,000 lights on a 75 foot Norway Spruce... similar to what you guys get every year, no?

My man deserves something way awesome for toughing out the wait amongst all the Justin Bieber twerps.

And me? I'm still kinda awestruck over the tree coming to life right in front of me.
My nine-year-old self would forgive the giddy crazyeyes. Maybe you will, too.


  1. yay! i'm so glad this went well. love your pictures...and see you tonight!

  2. Gooorgeous! So happy for you that you are living out your dreams. Really, it seems like you already do, but take a moment and revel in that. Xo

  3. Thank the mr. for me for going with you. Great pics! So glad you were able to go. :) jmg

  4. Oh man, you are living my dream life Ms. Rigo. I love it. Way to go, 9-year old Molly.

  5. Colleen- Tonight. Yessss.

    Brhea- So true. Thank you for the kind reminder.

    jmg- Just needed you there beside me, that's all.

    WhitMc- Glad you can appreciate 9-year-old Molly.

  6. You're probably with Colleen right now. Poutface.

    Anyway. I love that you guys go and do these quintessentially New York things. Living vicariously though you girl, living vicariously.

  7. Livin' a dream! The lights are beautiful.

  8. I so love living vicariously through you!! :)

  9. ugh. so fun. christmas in ny. i mean, is there anything better?

    and after that neil pic this is gonna be in my head all night...

    'money talksssss. but it dont sing and dance and it dont walk... long as i can have you here with meeee, i'd much rather be forever in blue jeans.'

  10. Looks Magical! J is a sweet man bc I'm afraid Will would have been in a pub having a beer while I stood and waited.

  11. E- Colleen just spied my Iviemade pillow and I quote, This is beautiful! So well made!

    SBS- It really is dreamy.

    w.h.y.- Thanks friend!

    B- I don't think there is anything better. You gotta love some Neil. Got to.

    kkd- The only thing semi-close to us was a TGIF or he probably would have. :)

  12. Oh my, these pictures are so sparkly! You lucky lucky duck.

    When am I coming to visit? Soon. Yes very soon.

  13. Molly, it looks like your Christmas nipple pasties got caught on your eyes. Either way I'm jealous.

  14. Robbie and I have been to new york during the christmas season but have never seen the lighting of the tree. I bet it was fantastic!

  15. that just seems like a magical night! it's on my to-do list. one day :)

  16. Hey Molly,

    I am glad you guys are enjoying NYC. Do you have a NYC public library card? Lynn has been wanting to get access to a big library that makes a lot of digital books available. I figure NYC has to be ahead of the rest in that department. NYC is the center of the world after all, right?

    Tell Justin that I send my greetings!



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