Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a Wednesday afternoon post

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling so much better.
I could make it nearly a whole 5 minutes without hacking up a lung.
I was all, This is living!
I sent a couple emails, caught up on some blog reading, talked with my parents and even got on The Twitter.
As visions of a blog post danced in my head, the sickness came back with a vengeance & mocked my blogger self right to bed.
On the plus side, I am now a fan of Up All Night, the television show.

Here's a couple recent happenings I've been trying to tell you about, you know, before the consumption took me down...

Our view of the NYC Halloween parade. I bet it was awesome if you actually got to see it.
We mostly saw the tops of heads.

After the parade, we met up with my pal Colleen. You may remember her from our first date.
We met on the internets, thankyoublogworld.
We had a delish burger and a toasted marshmellow milkshake from Stand. Heaven help, it was goood.

Colleen also got to meet my man.
They became fast friends and he earned a new nickname.
Dan Flanders, for his stellar advice giving ways.

Now meet Shana and her man, Matt.
Shana and Justin and I went to college together.
Isn't she beautiful? She's real smart and funny, too.
On their recent trip to NYC, we made plans to hang out with them in the subway station.
We also went to The Hurricane Club. You can be jealous now.

And I am fairly certain my hair made even the late Selena roll over with envy.
Edit: I'm not really jazzed about my Selena hair, just so you know. No offense, Selena.

That's all for now. I'm out.


  1. You are so cute.

    But it came back with fury? no no no. :(

    Up All Night, IS a good show though. Drew and I laugh all the way through it.

    I wish I could hang out with you and bring you soup.

  2. ladylee- I would take you up on the soup 'cause that probably means we are neighbors and that would be awesome.

    Then we could watch Up All Night and laugh together.

  3. Damn that consumption--I have major respect for vintage, but vintage diseases? I think we can all do without them.

    I just read you "first date" post which I somehow missed that day I spent reading your blog from beginning to end. But I love the 90s online meet-up reference. It makes me think of AOL chat rooms. EW, creepy, now, but then? Totally cutting edge. Thank goodness for progress and privacy settings.

  4. Toasted. Marshmallow. Shake?

    Oh... Hell. I could so get on board with that.

  5. Aww, Colleen is so cute!

    Also, you called it The Consumption, and Mike would be proud of you for that.

  6. Edit: I'm not really jazzed about my Selena hair, just so you know.

    WhitMc- You get me. I like it.

  7. laurenjeanallece- As you should. All the cool kids are doing it.

    E- I even thought about capitalizing it. Totally should have.

  8. Oh Selena. Too soon. Too soon.

    Is that a thing is NYC? "Let's hang out at the subway station"?

    Finally, I'd just like to say that I'm really jealous you're sick. Being sick is the best. Make yourself a couch bed and watch The Sound of Music. Yes.

  9. Erin- I apologize about Selena. You know she would've been jeal, though. Admit it. Hanging out in the subway is not a NYC thing, thankgoodness. I thought it looked that way, though, since the only pics we have to show from our fancy night on the town were in the depths of earth aka the dirty subway.

  10. I hope you are better soon, real soon! Again, you are making so many awesome memories in the big apple!

  11. are you serious? i must get my mits on a marshmellow milkshake.

  12. awwww. I made your bloggetyblog. (warm heart and smile)

    love ya!

  13. kkd- We really are. I don't want to take a single one for granted.

    Nessa- I am serious. And you really must.

    Shana- You did, of course! As did my Selena hair. Yikes.

  14. YES. me and dan flanders. what a night it was. i miss you hot stuff - can we please get back together when you're better. i have stories (obviously).

    feel better! and i cam jealous about the hurricane club (again, obvious).

  15. That Halloween Parade looks kind of terrifying/awesome.

  16. Kate- It was both. Good call on your part.


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