Tuesday, November 29, 2011

unsung heroes + parade tips

One of my favorite moments of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade occurred just after the horses trotted passed.
The Sanitation Team aka pooperscoopers came strolling along and the crowd burst out with applause.

The more we applauded, the more they hammed it up for us.
Good job, fellas. Good job.

Here are my suggestions for parade success...

Arrive early.  
We arrived at Central Park West and 67th at 6am and we were some of the last people to get a spot on the front row.

Dress in layers and don't forget your feet.
Amber's toes were a bit frosty in the 30 degree chill.

Drink at your own risk.
You will want to drink hot coffee and lots of it because it's early and it's cold.
But then you'll probably need a restroom and those are scarce.
Either get happy about using a port-a-potty or make friends in the hour and half long line at Starbucks.

Go with friends.
It's way more fun to spot RuPaul when you're with people you love.

Take your camera.

Make brunch reservations for after the parade.
Here or here or here.
The parade finished at our spot (CPW & 67th) around 12noon and we had reservations for 12:30pm.
Perfect timing.

Clear your schedule for the morning and the afternoon.
You will be happy and full and you will want to take a nap. Trust me.

Check out other great tips at one of my fave blogs NYC taught me.


  1. FIRST.

    (EE made me say that)

    We can't waif to come visit you someday Molly. Save the actually comfortable air mattress for us.

  2. these are some pretty good tips. particularly the brunch reservations.

  3. ooh, great recommendations for brunch. and the pooper-scooper dudes seriously deserve that round of applause!

  4. if you still live there next November, I am coming and we are going. k?

    It will be an NYC bday extravaganza.

  5. Love these tips! I loved seeing your posts on the parade- I actually was in the Macy's Parade for a couple of years in my teens with America Sings... Please tell me that you have heard of the "double dream hands" guy that has a viral video... He was our choreographer. No joke.

    Looks like you had such a great Thanksgiving :)


  6. E + C- Sounds like we're celebrating Candis' bday in NYC next year. We'll even give you guys the real bed. :)

  7. Colleen- Thanks, pal. Brunch reservations saved us for sure.

    Shannon- Indeed, they do.

    Brhea- Is he like the guy with jazz hands in Bring It On?! That's awesome that you were IN the parade. I would have felt famous.

  8. I want to see the parade and do everything you suggested. Sigh. Maybe in a few years?

  9. I love the poop scooping! I am still so, so jealous of you. Cold toes, peepee dance and all.

  10. Ashley- Yes! Do it.

    WhitMc- Thankfully, there was no dance on my part. I hit that Starbucks line before the parade. Blogger Thanksgiving in NYC next year?! :)

    Erin- You know it.

  11. my mom was just at sarabeth's two weeks ago after the nate berkus show. true story.

    and my cousin hangs there sometimes too.
    also true story.

    it's like we're twinsies! but not!

  12. I think I'd have to embrace the porta potty option. There is no way I could resist multiple cups of coffee on parade day.


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