Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving last year was a bust

Last year, Justin and I spent our Thanksgiving in the bed with a stomach flu.
It was awful.
We couldn't even think about turkey and all the fixins without making a run for the bathroom.

This year, Lord willing, will be a different story.
Justin has to work on Thanksgiving Day, so we will be staying in NYC.
Here's how we are going to celebrate...

Skype with my family in Alabama and maybe some friends, too.
Turn on some tunes, pour a glass of wine and get in the kitchen with my man and cook cook cook.
Celebrate with gracious friends with a big ole meal on Friday.
Make a classic southern dish for J's northern coworkers.
Go to the parade. And maybe even watch the process.
Watch the Iron Bowl. Shop holiday markets. Drink the Rigo Swazzle.
And then say hello to one of The Most Wonderful Times of the Year.

How are you celebrating? Are you traveling? Are you staying put?
I will miss being with my family, but being in NYC on Thanksgiving?
It's kind of it's own form of magic and we are determined to celebrate every minute.


  1. Oh lord, I've been sick on Thanksgiving too (mono, ick) and it's the worst! You want to commit gluttony but dammit, you just can't. This year though I'll be celebrating with my 4 dearest friends in Portland here - we're making an obscene amount of food, drinking good wine and giving one last hurrah to our favorite pumpkin beers before moving out of autumn mode and into winer! Bring on Christmas!

  2. this sounds pretty perfect, even if you can't go to alabama. and then it's christmas!!! and then i get to see you again!!!

  3. It sounds like it's going to be really fun even though I know you'll miss family. Being there for the parade? Awesome. Will you Black Friday shop in NYC?

  4. Molly, it sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned. If only your parents chould join the fun. Fingers crossed for health this week/holiday season/year.

    p.s. pray for me and hosting 7 adults (mark and me included) and a baby in 650 sq. feet. Eeek. It is going to be "cozy."

  5. by default i get to host thanksgiving this year. it might be the only year for a long time or maybe the first of many. talk about pressure! haha.

  6. laurenjeanallece- I expect a full report from your Thanksgiving. I kinda wish I could be there with you guys... a grand ole time, no doubt.

    colleen- Yessss.

    Lynn- Probably not. Since we are celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday, I will probs be in the kitchen. :)

    Shannon- You can do it!

    Nessa- Pressure, indeed! I bet you will rock it out.

  7. ...without making a run for the bathroom. I laughed.

    Mike and I better be on that Skype list. Our festivities won't start until 1pm.

  8. Here's to hoping the stomach flu stays away this year, there is too much swazzle in your future to be bothered with bugs. We are treking to B's parents for the annual 3-day Thanksgiving extravaganza, beginning Wednesday night. It's a riot.

  9. WhitMc- You are so right. Swazzle all around. I love a good riot!

  10. Here's to healthy Thanksgiving! It's not the time for the flu.

    We are headed to the coast, where we'll be sans kitchen and where every restaurant is closed on Thursday. Kind of sad. But the ocean kind of makes up for it.

  11. Erin- yes, the ocean rights many wrongs.

  12. Oh but that sounds very lovely. At least you're creating new memories and holiday traditions with your husband!

  13. My son lives in NYC...since I can't be with him (we will be going to see my elderly parents) I'm contributing to my younger son's traveling expenses so they can be together. Maybe next year we'll spend Thanksgiving in NYC...I think I'll make Swazzle!

  14. Ashley- I agree. I am so excited to share this experience with him.

    Holly- What a nice gesture. I hope you all get to celebrate together in NYC next year. And you should definitely make the swazzle!

  15. Sounds pretty fantastic to me! Except for the being away from family, of course. I'm a bit jealous though because ours is going to be a holiday of chaos and cooking and my back hurts a little already. Hanging in the kitchen with a glass of wine and the hubs? I'll take it!

  16. True*Lu- I hope your holiday is more merry than chaotic. I'll drink a glass of the good stuff for you. :)

  17. Sounds like a wonderful plan. I know your family will miss having you around the table, but praise the Lord for Skype, aye?! Enjoy the parade and the magic of an NY Thanksgiving.

  18. sounds delightful! we are spending T-day with Stephen's fam. then I'm working the weekend. probably will get called of because holidays are so slow.


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