Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Say my name, Say my name

When I first started this blog of mine, I was not committed. Gasp!
It's true.
I didn't even know A Cup of Jo existed.
In 2008, I posted twice. That's a lie. I posted once and Justin posted once.
2009? Four posts. Doubled my record.
2010? Fifty-one. Things are getting serious.
2011? So far, 150 posts. August, September and October even made a Monday-Friday blogger out of me.

I met a new friend while I was in Boston, Natalie from wishful nals.
She is quite lovely and I wish I'd had more than just a quick chat at Pinkberry with her.
When she asked me the name of my blog, I hesitated...
Mr. and Mrs. Rigoloso in detail all of a sudden seemed like a mouthful.

When I started this thing back in 2008, I never imagined I'd be calling myself a blogger or meeting some of my most beloved bloggers in Boston Of All Places.
I like this blog of mine.
My own little piece of the internets.
I can talk about my man or California or my back popping.
I'm committed. I'm doing this thing.
And I'm ready for a different name. One that makes me happy when I say it.
Don't get me wrong, I love my last name and I love even more the man who gave it to me.
But I am ready to make this gig official and give my blog a proper name.

So here's where you get to play.
What should my new name be?
I'm taking suggestions.
I think this will be fun.
Ready? Go.


  1. Okay, it's really late, I spent 8 hours in the car with toddlers today, and I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection. So this is the best I can do:

    I Have More Style and Class in my Little Finger than All of You Combined (what? a bit alienating? you think?)

    Truly Molly

    M Tells Tales (why does that sound familiar...?)

    Jane of All Trades

    Southern in The City

    What do I get if you pick one of mine? Cash?

  2. oh gosh. i don't even know. i don't really like the name of my blog either. so let's go with...molly of all trades.

  3. LOL.


    M Tells Tales of Me and the Husband? Why does THAT sound familiar?

    I like Southern in the City.

  4. This is exciting!! I don't think I can claim to have been around long enough to be suggesting names for you, but have fun picking!!

    (I'm imagining you doodling new name possibilities all over your paperwork and notebooks, just like engaged girls do with their soon-to-be new last names.) ;)

  5. Oh, this will be fun. about:

    Keeping it Real
    D.) All of the above
    Just Me, biatches
    What had happened was...

    Can't wait to see what you decide!!!

  6. Sigh...that last comment was from Mel. Why oh why can I never leave my name?!

  7. For some reason I can't post a comment from google. Here are my ideas

    Molly's Musings
    The Brazen Me
    Molly in Detail
    Mrs. Rigo Writes

  8. I like this game! My first reaction was Brazen Molly, but Brazen molly is only a part of you. Then I tried to think of an efficient way to say "a daily cup of really good coffee with your best friend you just met" but I only came up with A Cup of Molls, which for obvious reasons does not fly. This is harder than I thought. I like Southern in the City, but if you move, it may not transition with you. I have to think some more.

  9. I am loving these ideas, y'all! Keep'em coming.

    Erin- a cash prize? Well, of course. I am made of money, you know.

    E- M Tells Tales of Me and the Husband, it is.

    WhitMc- A Cup of Molls! HA!

  10. no, but seriously, I am thinking.

    I agree with colleen, southern in the city might not transition well.

    what about just shortening it to your twitter handle, M.Rigoloso

    p.s. I have never known what to call Bridget's blog...It's a Hunt Life, Tales of Me and the Husband plus 4/5 kids and a I hear ya.

  11. I kind of love "The Brazen Me"..

    other less serious suggestions:

    "Ballsy Mollsy" (ha)
    "Alliterations are my Life"
    "Guido Party Animal"

    other more possibly serious suggestions:
    "Far More than Riches"
    "A Laugh a Day.."
    "This is Molly.."

    that's all i got for now :)

  12. I love the Mrs. Rigo Writes idea! Short, sweet, pays homage to your love, and well, you are Mrs. Rigo and you write.

  13. Kim H- I'm loving that one, too. :)

  14. why not just "rigoloso" ?! love it! :)

  15. Good Golly Mrs. Molly. Just kidding. Bestie in an insty? No. It's hard! I like Mrs. Rigo Writes too!

  16. you're so sweet. coming up with names is so tough! hmmm.... maybe the big apple rigos ... or the molly diaries .. or the mr and me (like it says in your about us) .. this is tricky!!!!!

  17. i'm with shana... "ballsy mollsy," it is.
    see, that wasn't so hard.

    okay... seriously, i like "the molly diaries" and "mrs. rigo writes"
    ooooh! or what about "the molly memoirs"

  18. Some really good suggestions and I'm gonna think on this one. I like M.Rigoloso since it is the same as your twitter and that would make the whole social media thing fly...BUT, I just had to triple check my spelling of your last name as I typed it, so that might be an issue. Hmmph! I'm excited for the unveil (and I'll still keep thinkin' cap on).

    PS: Feel better. :)

  19. Did you pick one yet?! I like Mrs. Rigo writes.


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