Friday, November 18, 2011

Questions Answered, part 8

You thought I had forgotten about the little deal we made, didn't you?
The one where I said you could ask me anything and I would answer you?
I didn't forget, friends!
So, here we go.
. . .
Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
. . .

Oh, I like this! Let's see, when I grow up, I want to be...

A mother.
A mama, actually. I don't want to be called Mother. Too formal for my blood.

An even better wife to Justin.
I hope I am a good wife now, but I don't ever want to get to a place where I think I've arrived.
I always want to be good for him, good to him.

It makes me so nervous to even type that out, like I'm gonna jinx it or something.
But I said I'd be honest, so there. Now you know.

A good listener.
Really hear what people are saying, and not merely with their words.

A knitter.
A really talented one like Whitney. I want to be all, Oh, this fly sweater? Yeah, I made it.

A painter.
I love the idea of painting and wonder what might happen if I really tried.
I'd want to have an easel on my porch out in the country and paint like Allie Hamilton did in The Notebook.

A friend you'd want to have.
I read a quote on pinterest last week that said something like, Be the kind of friend you'd want to meet.
I want to be that kind of person.

 And last but not least...

A salsa dancer.
Ummm, hello! Those ladies have some serious moooves.

When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be an astronaut and
when I was in middle school, I wanted to be a nurse.

I lost interest in the first and married the other,
so I'd say my chances are pretty good for accomplishing at least part of this list.

Happy Friday to you and you and you.


  1. This list sounds good. Is it in chronological order? I think I want to be an on-foot mail carrier. You know, when my kids are like 14. Perfect.

  2. a salsa dancer! damn girl. i like that. happy friday to you too!

  3. I'm think you've nailed the good friend category. You're the kind of friend who goes shopping with someone you've never met, hangs her pictures and curtains, and becomes a grandma to her daughter at 25. You're awesome.

  4. love this list! you are already a fabulous listener and friend and certainly a wonderful wife, but I like the goal of continuing to strive to serve those you love better.

    and I cannot wait to read all of your novels...

  5. You should totally take an art class while in new york. I can't imagine a better place ( in the states that is ) to do so.

  6. oooo salsa dancer. I would love to know how to really DANCE. This is a great list.

  7. Love it, especially the knitting part. We are going to drink lots of coffee and knit up a storm together. And you can teach me to salsa dance. I think you would be a rocking salsa dancer 'cause you are spicy like that.

  8. Lynn- Your words encouraged my heart today. I miss you and your sweet girl.

    Shannon- Thanks, girl!

    Whitney- Yes to coffee and knitting and being together! You know I am spicy! :)

  9. fun stuff, especially the even better wife aspiration. j is a fortunate man.

  10. SB- Thank you, SBS! I'm pretty fortunate myself.

  11. ok, I stil kind of want to be an astronaut. Not sure that one ever died. But I DO paint, I think that is SUCH a doable thing...I took classes in high school and it helped a ton (without it I'd wander around wondering what to paint and how). Maybe take some cheap classes? It helps to have someone looking over me keeping my nose to the...canvas. Have a lovely Saturday Molly!

  12. Maggy- That's awesome! I may have to try a class... I'm kinda intimidated, though, I 'll be honest. Happy Saturday to you!


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