Thursday, November 10, 2011

Put your lips on, baby

Her name is Allison, but you will hear me call her Sassy or Sassy Lou.
We go way back.
I know that sudden noises make her jumpy and she knows that birds, especially the pigeon variety, creep me out.
She knows what I'm thinking, which is scary, but also pretty cool.
She just gets me. And I get her.
Before one of Sassy's dates with her man, one of her friends told her, Put your lips on, baby.
One simple little nudge became a coined phrase for us.
So now, when we know adventure awaits, that phrase sums it up... Put your lips on, baby.

So we began Sassy's trip with a champagne toast.

J and Sassy were friends before J and I were friends.
Now we're all friends and I like that.

My Selena curl tried to be classy at our champagne toast.

Black + White cookies are one of our favorite ways to welcome friends to the city.

We got an early start the next morning.
First stop, Union Square where this leaf literally floated right into Allison's hand.

pretty Union Square

Next stop, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

We tried on a big fat diamond and then J taught Allison how to spot hipsters.

We made a stop by Mast Brothers Chocolate.
Serrano Pepper is the way to go.

J was feeling a bit tired at this point.

Modca was a great little coffee shop + bakery that gave us the sugar kick we needed.
Samson by Regina Spektor was playing in the background.

It was a perfect moment with two of the people who know me best... and love me anway.  


  1. Looks like you had an incredible time. So much to love about this post:
    1. Selena curl, yes!
    2. Black and White Cookies, yes please!
    3. Serano Pepper Chocolate? Yes, yes, yes!
    4. J teaching how to spot hipsters, priceless.

  2. omg. i love that phrase. so good. and that looks like one of the ebst days in nyc ever!

  3. awww... sweet allison. I know you two had a great time. I just wish i was there with you both. Your pictures look like a fantastic set for a movie. I am jealous and miss you fiercely!
    I love you molly!!! PLEASE don't forget!

  4. Looks like an awesome day! I love that shirt you're wearing!

  5. I have dreams about those black and white cookies.

    The pic of J yawning made me lol.

    I miss you.

  6. You have cute friends. Congratulations.

    And Jonah knows the words to Samson. Every time we listen to that song, I have to go through the whole story for him.

  7. these pics are great. i pretty much just want to go everywhere you go. take me to all the nooks and crannies of new york please... the cafes, chocolate shops and bookstores leave me swooning.

  8. Love me some Regina Spektor! We call those cookies half moon cookies and damn they are good.

    I am loving your blog and am so happy I found it through etellstales!



  9. Damn you Molly and your clever title. You make me want to go buy lipstick now! And I have never quite figured out lipstick, so my buying it usually leads to a disastrous three days of awkwardly bright shades until I see a picture of myself and gasp "Good lord, who let me leave the house like that!"

    And I want coffee at Modca. I bet they make designs in their latte foam.

  10. Colleen- I knew you'd love that.

    Linds- You are so good to me.

    Heather- Why, thank you.

  11. ladylee- I miss you back.

    Erin- You're cute, too. Congratulations. I love that Jonah knows Samson.

    btd- Come on, sister.

    Brhea- I'm glad you found me, too! Regina is the way to go.

    WhitMc- emailing.

  12. black and white cookies, get in mah belly. mostly the white half if i'm being honest.

    that cheese shop prob has alot of shiz thatd make me wanna slap sonmebody, yes?

    i think a post dedicated to j's way of spotting hipsters is in order.

  13. Love the title of the post! I laughed out loud when I first read it. We def. did put our lips on last weekend - and had an absolute blast!!! Love you.

    Sassy Lou Hoo

  14. B- We found a shop that sells freshly made B+W cookies, just B cookies and just W cookies. Sweetgoodness, those things are dangerous. I'll see if I can twist J's arm.

    SassyLou- I'm so glad we put our lips on.

  15. Your curly hair is beautiful, you should own it girl! You really know how to show your friends a good time. I'm with WhitMc. Lipstick scares me and I'm hoping you will do a lipstick tutorial. Actually, mascara and eyeliner scare me too.

  16. smashleighmm- Thanks, sister. I do own it most of time. I just prefer not to rock the Selena. There's only one Selena after all.


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