Friday, November 11, 2011

Put your lips on, baby // part 2

Here's the first part of Sassy's trip to NYC in case you missed it.
And here's the quick version: Sassy is one of my bff's and she visited us in NYC last week.

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge, a sure bet for making your friends fall in love with the Big Apple.

And then we took it a step further with authentic NYC pizza and a Brooklyn brew.

The next day was magical, I kid you not.
All sorts of activity made Central Park come alive on that crisp November day.
These littles played soccer...

while these raced sailboats.

We found a spot at The Boathouse and parked it for about three hours, talking and crying and laughing.

We made our way over to one of my favorite spots, Bethesda Fountain, and then the magic really began.
The sunlight on the water caught my breath as I reached for my camera.
I could tell you that a violinist and a cellist played Canon in D by Pachelbel as we made our way to the glowing fountain,
but you wouldn't believe me.

But it really did happen.

And then fairies danced a jig.
Okay, so they weren't actual fairies. Busted.

We experienced a benefit to the wack snowstorm of Halloween: an emptied view of The Mall.

That's Allison and me in the middle, finding our center and all that.

Sassy lives two hours from Pinkberry and I live two blocks from one, so at her request, we indulged.

Then we brought a little bit of The South to NYC and cheered on The Crimson Tide at
The Ainsworth, the designated bar for Bama fans.
Our Alabama IDs allowed us to bypass a huge line. Proud moment.

She looked at me at one point during her visit and said,
"Mols, did you ever think, ten years ago, that we'd be here in New York City because you live here with your husband and you love it?!"

If you had told me that was going to happen, I probably wouldn't have believed you.
That's the thing about magic... it catches you unaware and steals your breath every single time.


  1. Me and my new hot drugstore lip liner as lipstick approve. This reads like a movie. I think you are secretly famous and not telling us.

  2. ahhhh. love, love, love that last sentence.

  3. me too colleen. so good.

    seems like God planned that day for you both. Too magical to not be Him.


  4. What a wonderful day. Canon in D in the park? I don't believe it.

  5. Yay! What fun times for such sweet friends! Mols, you have a way with words! love it!

  6. I am falling in love with NYC all over again, and I didn't even need convincing. I seriously want to hire you as my personal guide to one of my favorite places. You explore new york with the awe of a visitor and the grounded-ness of a local, and it is incredible. Keep that balance.

    p.s. where did you get pizza? always on the look out for a new favorite haunch.

  7. Love how these pics turned out Mols. So sweet. Hearing a live version of Canon in D in Central Park truly was magical. The sounds and scenery came together perfectly for us. Can't wait to come back.


  8. pinkberry. im gonna slap YOU for putting that pic up. now i need me some.

    love the boathouse. steve and i got hot chocolate their in the fall once and sat for quite some time. it was lovely.

  9. WhitMc- I am sooo famous.

    Shannon- Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Bridget- I should've slapped you for that bread + cheese goodness.

  10. Just reading this post makes me what to read whatever your novel is when you are done...seriously. And I totally agree with WhitMC...this really does read like a movie!

  11. The Wilders- Thank you so much. You officially made my day.

  12. Stephen and I have so many of those "if you had told me 10 years ago we'd be doing this...." moments. It's just crazy how life plays out.

    What fun times you are documenting!

  13. I've never been to Pinkberry. I crave it, and I don't even know what it tastes like.

    Also, do real New Yorkers not wear coats?

  14. SB- It really is crazy. I want to hear some of your stories one day!

    Erin- You should crave it. Very good stuff. I don't know about all New Yorkers, but this one typically doesn't wear coats until it's at least 50.

  15. Molly - your dreams are coming true - you're in NYC, and i'm so glad you're loving it! Looks like you and your dear friend had a blast. :) I'm so happy for you and am loving your stories. I thought of you last week when I saw the Christmas tree rolling into Rockefeller Center on the Today Show. Love you and hope you have a fabulous holiday season. jmg ...oh - "tell your folks hello" :)

  16. i love your writing! and completely agree that the last sentence is utter perfection.

    reading about your life makes my worries about the impending future subside and replaces them with excitement!

  17. Molly, I loved reading this post. I just felt that I needed to tell you that as I read your words, I say them as you would sound if you were sitting right here beside me...and I said Sassy's in her accent too. It makes it even better and makes me miss you even more! That's all...

    Suzanne :)


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