Thursday, November 3, 2011

National Novel Writing Month

aka I Knowingly Signed Up For This Insanity.

So the deal is very much like the title says. You and a bunch of other people commit to writing a novel in a month.

So I was all determined...
If I don't accept this challenge now, when will I ever start?
This is as good a time as any.
I just need to do the damn thing already.

I even started early because one of my best friends is coming to see me November 2-6, which means she's here already, yay! But I wanted to get a head start so I wouldn't feel behind.

So start early, I did. I've got another friend doing this thing along with me and we decided to keep each other in check. Update one another with word counts twice a week or so. Email it out when we reach a point of struggle with our plot.

I emailed Elizabeth last week: 2,040 added to the word count. Holla!

I was on top of it, yo.

I sat down with my words yesterday morning ready to crank out another thousand or so. I was feeling good about my characters and where they were taking me.

I checked my word count again, ready to email Elizabeth with my most recent status.

5,882. Hells yes! Such a great start to this Write-A-Novel-In-A-Month insanity.

And then... And then...

I hate to even tell you this next part...

I had been reading the Number of Characters which, as you know, is quite different from the Total Word Count.

I emailed Elizabeth through laughter, and I'll admit, tears, to say Guess what! I am a fool who can't read numbers correctly and I think I'm gonna be a famous, published author?!?! I thought I had written 5 times as much as I actually had.

I am disappointed with my numbers, yes.

But I am not disappointed with this story. And at the end of the day, I guess that's what matters the most, anyhow.

November 3 Word Count: 2,083.

2,083 words that once did not exist and now they do.

Better than nothing.

Oh and I got an email from another friend yesterday. I've officially dragged another soul into The Insanity with me.

If writing seems hard, it’s because it is hard. WILLIAM ZINSSER


  1. I love this quote from Charlotte's Web:

    "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both."

    I don't know if that helps. But I find both to be good goals for which to strive.

  2. Do it girl!

    This is inspiring me to get off my lazy arse and write more (as opposed to spending my day walking around the bookstore lusting after other people's literary accomplishments) (which, granted, is not a bad way to spend the day).

    And I totally dig Erin's quote up there :)

  3. You go, Molly! I need such a challenge myself, because you are right, if not now, when?

  4. Go molly go!!! I will be the first to buy it!!! Can i design the cover?

  5. YES! I can't wait to read what you are writing. If you ever want to share, I'm your girl.

    This is insanity and you guys are so awesome to do it!!

  6. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to read your novel. After Lindsey designs your cover, I can do your PR :) (Not that you couldn't do your own, I'm just looking for a way in :P )

  7. NaNoWriMo is insane. I'm doing it, too.

  8. love this. go you (and elizabeth!). and do you have a laptop? cause, let's be honest, is there ANYTHING better than taking a laptop to a nyc coffee shop and losing yourself in book-writing?!

  9. Bridget, she does. She posted an instagram a while ago of her writing in a coffee shop with a coffee in hand...and I was JEALOUS!

    We can do this MMR.

  10. I signed up.

    I wrote two sentences.

    And then I watched Glee instead.

    Fail. Big fail. Especially because I actually hate Glee.

  11. you brave brave girl. maybe i'll have to join in the fun. . . next year. :)


  12. YAY! Congratulations, that is an awesome commitment, and you can totally do it. And I can't wait to read your book. The best writing advice I ever got (mind you, it was for writing legal articles, but hey, that's what I write) was to just sit down and start typing--get words out there, and then go back later and edit, edit, edit. But you are doing nothing with the words just hanging out in your brain. So do with that what you will--the person who gave me that advice is a prolific writer, so it works for him!

  13. you are crazy. and awesome. i heart you for just going after it.

  14. fascinating. dying to read it and just totally fascinated.


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