Wednesday, November 30, 2011

National Novel Writing Month that is turning into two

So remember that novel I was going to write in one month?
Looks like it's going to spill over into two months.
I am trying to be okay with that. Here's what I've learned so far in the process...

Writing, like anything else, takes discipline.

Some days the words come easy and some days not so much.

Characters will come alive and guide the story if you let them.

And when that happens, it's pretty magical and you step back and go, Damn.

It's good to have friends who are strong, creative souls doing the thing along with you.

They understand when you email things like, This is insane! Why am I doing this?!

And then they remind you, You can do this. Take a break and come back to it. In the end, when you hold your novel in your hands, you will be so glad you stuck with it.

I think writing a novel makes you one part genius, one part crazypants.

Word count and character count are two very different things. But we've already established that.

Talent is cheap. What matters is discipline. ANDRÉ DUBUS


  1. In the fourth grade I wrote a short story on horses escaping a fascist dictatorship. Does that count for anything?

    I guess not.

  2. But seriously.

    Is this a work of fiction? Romance? Suspense thriller? Is it or is it not titled "Threat Level Midnight"? Is Justin the main character? Is he a forest ranger? Are there any love scenes? Does it contain the word bodice or quivering?

    Oh just email me the first chapter.

  3. Are you trying to fangle another Starbucks card? Cause its working. 'Cept I get to go with you, K? And proof your hot novel. Whenever it is done, it will be great.

  4. i like what you said about the characters coming alive and guiding the story.

    i could never write like this, but i obviously fully support you. go molly go.

  5. I saw my character count last night. That's one flashy number. I can't blame you for falling prey.

  6. Erin- I think Threat Level Midnight is already taken. Your comments are too good. Funny lady. I'll send you the first chapter if you send me the story of the escaping horses.

    WhitMc- Dang. You caught me.

    Colleen- Thanks, pal. I love your encouragement.

    E- Just don't get attached to it like I did.

  7. andre dubus lives up in my area. thus, you should come visit.

    alsoooo, if i were doing it it'd be novel month spilling into ten so you're ahead of the game.

  8. So proud of you my dear! keep up the good work. I cannot wait to read it when you are finished.

  9. So, how are you planning on sharing this novel? Can your blog readers get an inside peak? I just love your writing style and imagine that your novel will be fantastic.

    Very ambitious of you! I am sure it will be rewarding in the end.


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