Monday, November 14, 2011

It's all fancy all the time and I'll prove it

Last week, I knew we'd hit the ultimate in our fancy lives with His & Hers cough medicine.
Not only is it fancy, but it's really sexy, too.

In other equally exciting and fancy news, we are now the proud owners of a new
Crooooockpooooot! (Oprah voice)
Our original crock, gifted to us when we married, is packed away in storage in Alabama.
We survived one NYC winter without our beloved crock and we shan't do it again...
because nothing equals a fancy meal like throwing a ton of ingredients in one bigA pot and watching the thing do it's magic.
Hello potato soup and chili and all other forms of crockery goodness.

Here's one last fancy gem from us Rigo's...Swazzle.
That's what my man calls it. Perhaps you call it wassail or cider.
However you say it, the swazzle is here and as you can tell, it's very fancy and highly difficult to make.

Here's your one chance, Fancy, don't let me down. Name that tune.


  1. Just be nice to the gentleman, Fancy. And they'll be nice to you.

    If I had a baby girl. I might name her Fancy.

    And I love the picture on the crock pot. Happy people! Using a crock pot! Playing all day! Easy and fun! Awesome.

    I hope you're feeling better now, Molly. Can't keep a good girl down.

  2. Erin- It was the summer I turned eighteen. :)
    I think we might be musical soul sistas. I loved that pic, too. Made me laugh. And ps... I think Fancy Kane is beautiful.

  3. That whole paragraph about the crockpot... I want to memorialize it. Between the Oprah voice and "crockery", I'm a definite advocate of the Crockpot Council.

  4. REEEEBBBBBAAAAAAA. God I love that song. And I love it even more when the character Karen performs it on an old episodes of Will and Grace.

  5. I'm sorry you guys are sick, but at least you're sick together? I don't know if that helps. It's so marvelous to get a glimpse into your fancy lives. I won't be as intimidated now when I see you again and serve you a meal from my crock pot. :)

  6. Dammit, people, go to bed. How am I supposed to have the first comment when I'm asleep at all of those ungodly hours???


    Next time.

    Crock pot. Winning. I saw a pin where you chop all your veggies and throw all your ingredients in a bag--times 7--on one day of the week, then freeze all the bags, and you're good to go for dinner all week. I did not pin that pin, but umm, yeah.

  7. ha ha - love the Oprah voice. I enjoy all crock pot humor.

    And as for Fancy, she's a classic.

  8. I friggen love that I know you now and can totally picture you saying everything you write.

    I bought the ingredients to make that tater soup you sent to me! We are having crockpot meals EVERYDAY this week.

    Here is what we are having tonight:

    I just got you voicemails because I have been having trouble with new (old) phone. I'll call you tomorrow if that is okay!

  9. totally with you on the crockpot and cider. two staples for fall/winter. oh and maybe spring too!

  10. matt loves that song. you should hear him sing it. awesome. love the crockpot paragraph too. oprah voice and "big A" and i would love some wassail swazzle too! i just call it apple cider?!

  11. laurenjeanallece- I knew you would be. :)

    Colleen- right on, sister.

    Lynn- Oh please! I'd be so happy to be in the same room with you, I'd eat dirt.

    E- West Coast Readers. :)

  12. SBS- I knew I could count on you, too. We had Lollie Bean last week. Yummm.

    lady lee- We will now be having that same meal tonight. I'll send you a pic.

    Nessa- I think I'll be having some cider tonight, in fact. :)

    Carrie- Justin sang Fancy one year when we did karaoke for my birthday. It was a hit. He and Matt would be trouble together.

  13. I've always wanted to get a crockpot, but have been too afraid since I have absolutely no clue how to work it! Care to share?

  14. I have been unable to check on your blog for a few days. I am sorry you guys are both feeling under the weather ( what does that statement mean anyways? )! I hope you both get to feeling better soon and can cozy up together with some of your amazing "swazzle" !!!

  15. Do you remember who got him to sing "fancy don't let me down" ? I had him Karaoke with me and did not tell him the song we would be singing. It was a huge hit and ohhh so fun!!! Good times!

  16. Vanessa- Sure thing. It's really a one pot wonder. It basically has a high, medium and low setting. You can slow cook all different kinds of meals, like soups, chilis and pot roast. You put in all the pot, come back a few hours later to a ready to go meal.

    Linds- Such a great night!

  17. it has a split on the side, straight up to my hip. it was red velvet....and it fit me good... :)

    I'm wishing for some swazzle about right now. This throat is scratchy and I need to go grab my cough syrup.

  18. LOVE the shout-out to Reba, apple cider and cough medicine. So, so similar to my recent past!

  19. kkd- I would totally bring you some if we were closer.

    Ashley- Glad you can appreciate the finer things in life! :)

  20. I don't know what swazzle is, but I want some. Does J run through his medicine like coffee and then ask if he can have some of yours too and you tell him he should have proportioned his doses to last through the entire illness rather than front-loading into the first 2 days but the real reason your bottle is still full is because you refuse to take anymore because it tastes "yucky"?

  21. Ha ha. The Oprah voice made me love you. Hope you like the recipe and I'll stalk you now to see if you post some of your favs.

  22. Farrah- You better believe I will and the Chicken Salsa Goodness will totally make the list. :)

  23. WhitMc- I will make you some swazzle. And truth be told, I am the medicine hog of the family. Sigh.

  24. I don't know if this sounds dumb, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Swazzle recipe?? I love wassail, but have never it really just an orange, cider, and cinnamon? Do you crockpot it?? :)


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