Tuesday, November 15, 2011

By Popular Request // The Swazzle Recipe

The Rigo Swazzle
our version of wassail or cider

apple cider
an orange
cinnamon sticks

Many of you were curious about our delicious swazzle recipe, so I thought I'd share it with you.

+ You'll need apple cider juice, not to be confused with kid style apple juice. Ahem, side eye, Justin.
Use the whole gallon if you are making swazzle for a group of folk or simply pour the amount you and yours will consume into a boiler.

+ Slice up the orange, leaving the peel on and place it in the boiler.
If you are making a smaller portion of swazzle, use only a small portion of the orange.
Example: For two mugfulls, I'd use two orange slices approximately 1/2 inch thick.

+ Next up: cinnamon sticks. Use three sticks for the whole gallon, just one stick for a smaller portion.
Place your cinnamon sticks in a square of cheesecloth and then tie up your bundle.
This will allow the cinnamon to flavah your swazzle, but will filter the spices.

+ Now that your cider, orange slices and cinnamon bundle are in the boiler, bring your swazzle to a boil.

+ Then turn on low and simmer for 15 minutes, uncovered, stirring occasionally.
The smell alone will make you want to slap somebody.

And then. And then!

Pour yourself a mugfull of swazzle it will be hott!,
turn on some spirited seasonal tunes, sit by the fire bundled in your tartan throw, 
and tell all the people around you how much you love The Rigo Swazzle,
I mean, how much you love them.

Change it up:
Add clove, allspice, nutmeg to your cinnamon bundle.
Add a shot of brandy or rum if you are feeling especially jolly.
Making the swazzle in your crockpot works really well for serving a larger group.
Crockpot directions: Bring ingredients to a small boil on high, then simmer on low for 15 minutes and serve.

Now go make some Rigo Swazzle. And try not to slap anybody.


  1. First comment, bitches!

    I'll be back to actually read this post in the morning. Now all y'all go to bed.

  2. Elizabeth- Ha! You are killing me, smalls.

  3. What?

    Molly's first comment is meant for West Coasters. I'm so heartbroken now. I guess I'll just go and drown my sorrows in Swazzle.

  4. E you ho, you stole our thunder. Molly, I am going to come over and bring my knitting and we shall knit and drink swazzle to our hearts content.

  5. I will only slap the person who tries to stop me from making this.

  6. thank you for adding the shot of brandy or rum option. you know how jolly i am molly.

  7. Yes! I wanted to hear how you made this so I'm happy to see this here... I see swazzle in our future for sure. In our long Canadian winters, we need many hot beverages!

  8. Oh my you have made me yearn for apple cider! and to try this swazzle! i enjoy saying it. "what are you drinking" "swazzle!"

  9. WHAHAHA. I deserved the first comment since I was up all night with my little boobsucker.

    Molly, this sounds delish, and I'm definitely making it for Christmas Eve dinner.

  10. Love it! We make a cold cocktail that has some similar things going on. Apple cider (my husband bought apple juice too- not the same thing HELLO!), ginger ale, spiced rum garnished with apple slices and cinnamon sticks. I also want to slap somebody when I drink this!

    Thanks for sharing yours :)

  11. love the name. so freakin' cute. and sounds delicious. apple cider is one of my most favorite things ever.

  12. Erin + WhitMc- You better watch E... creepin' in on your time slot.

    laurenhjeanallece- That would be my natural response as well.

    Colleen- jolly collee.

    Hannah- You are welcome. :)

    Elissa- Ha! I love that you like to say the name.

    E- Glad we will make an appearance at CE one way or another.

    wishfulnals- I think we were separated at birth.

  13. sounds delicious! thank you for sharing your secret.

  14. the slap somebody works every time.

    also, i made some hot toddy's this weekend and the recipe calls for tequila. another viable option for those who don't have rum or brandy on hand.

  15. B- You are so right. Tequila is always a viable option. Share this toddy recipe of yours?

  16. Bridget-I just love that word, "toddy". Hot Toddy. Please share that recipe.

    p.s. Molly, I feel rude addressing Bridget here in the comments of your blog. I'm sorry. xoxoxo

  17. Good job giving the smaller portion instructions. One Halloween my roommates boyfriend made us some cider and insisted that you had to use the entire jar of cinnamon sticks. I'm pretty sure that's what his mom did when she was making like GALLONS of it for a party. Too bad we couldn't drink it, it was too strong. :) But, I've never tried it with oranges before! Yum, I want.

  18. Kimberly- Oh man, I bet that was bad! Glad you like the recipe.

  19. mmmm sounds so yummy. I'm new to your blog and really enjoy your writing. I leave the orange whole and put about 15 whole cloves in the orange. This works well when making a gallon in a crock pot.

  20. Holly- Welcome! I've heard about putting the cloves in the orange. I will have to try that the next time we make a big ole pot of swazzle. :)

  21. Word! I knew I could count on you. I'm googling "boiler" right now--never heard of that in these here parts, but in anycase I'll just use my crocker. Thanks (can't wait to get down on some Rigo Swazzle...couldn't resist that one...how can it sound so wrong and so right all at the same time?)

  22. True*Lu- Sorry about that! A boiling pot. :)


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