Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Brooklyn Art Library

The Brooklyn Art Library in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is home to The Sketchbook Project.

The Sketchbook Project is a collaborative series of art books created by thousands of artists from around the world.
Anyone- from anywhere in the world- can participate in the project.
Sign up to receive a blank sketchbook, then fill it up and send it back.
Your work will be cataloged in The Brooklyn Art Library.

You can check out finished sketchbooks at The Brooklyn Art Library for your enjoyment.  
Whether you have a second cousin who participated in the project, an inexplicable fascination with Iceland, or a love of pop-up books, we will be able to find a sketchbook for you. 

The library also functions as a storefront purveyor of notebooks,
art supplies, stationary and vintage ephemera.
So if you're feeling inspired after browsing through the archive of visual inspiration,
we'll have everything you need to start working on your own projects.

Vintage ephemera, indeed.

Cool things around every corner.

I wanted every artistic soul I've ever known to be able to experience this place.
Amy, Lindsay, Rachel M, Amber, E, DrewJones came to mind...

I loved this place and I'm so going back.

Now if I could get the gumption to particpate in The Sketchbook Project myself...


  1. My sketchbook is there :-) I still haven't been there to see it, which is odd, but it looks like such a great place. Maybe I'll make my way down there soon to check it out!

  2. This is amazing! I need to make a trip to NY.

  3. omg. when we come visit we have got to go there. drew will pee his pants.

    beautiful photos too. I always like when j makes sneaky appearances.

  4. "drew will pee his pants"

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Drew needs a sketchbook first so that he can go and see his while he's visiting.

  5. oh my goodness, this place is like a dream come true. I cannot believe I have never heard of this place! Molly, you have to would be fabulous!

  6. Ok, that place looks super cool. I emailed the link to the Sketchbook Project to one of my students. I hope she does this!

  7. This looks dreamy. My brother-in-law lives in Brooklyn and we visit often, so I will HAVE to check this place out and pick up some vintage ephemera for myself :)

    Did you check a sketchbook out?

  8. Gorgeous and inspiring. I know exactly what my artist sister is getting for Christmas.

  9. You should do one, Molly! Do it!

  10. Vanessa- Are you serious?! You totally have to see it. Just tell me when you are coming and I will meet you there. We'll admire your work together. :)

    laurenjeanallece- Yes, yes you do. But not just for the sights...

    lady lee + E- DrewJones needs to bring an extra set of pants. Unca J did make a lil sneaky appearance, didn't he?

    Kimberly H- What a nice thing to do!

    Brhea- I didn't have time to linger, but you can bet I will be back to linger till my hearts' content. Does your BIL live in Williamsburg?!

    WhitMc- I hadn't even thought about it as a gift. Such a cool idea. You're good like that.

  11. I am VERY interested in putting my own sketches in this library...I mean, I don't currently have any sketches, but I think I can conjure up some...unless that's just the dirty martini talking...I'm just saying.


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