Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We celebrated her birthday

So last week I pulled a fast one on you guys and on my mama,
flying home unannounced to anyone other than my dad and my husband.

I love surprises and she was greatly surprised.

We celebrated for 3 days straight.

We celebrated with Nana's homemade caramel cake...

and Nana's homemade cherry pie.
My mama is the only person I know who gets both cake and pie for her big day.
She's worth it, though.

We celebrated at the pumpkin patch.

We celebrated with family.

And with family friends.
Miss Madison was my flower girl nearly five years ago.
I still cannot believe how grown up she is.

We also got to hang out with her mama and her brother, Mitchell, our family's little namesake.

Mitchell loves all things police related and since my Dad's pretty passionate about law enforcement, the two of them are tight.
My dad is pinning an official police badge on him.
And then they had to talk business...

While this sweet girl entertained us with song and dance.

We celebrated with my godson Herreson. My mama is his Nana Lil. And he loves her so.

And we love him.

We celebrated with another blue Tiffany box.
My dad is so sneaky and loves surprises as much as I do.

We ate cake. We ate pie. We spent time with family. We enjoyed visits with friends.

But some of my favorite moments of all were these...
the quiet mornings and the late nights just her and I.
Sitting on my bed, cup(s) of coffee in hand, talking about the funny and the serious and everything in between.

It was a pretty sweet celebration, indeed.


  1. awww this looks awesome. there is nothing better than a good surprise.

  2. You are a lucky girl Molly! It looks like an amazing time!

  3. IT was a great surprise! I can not believe how big Madison is either. I love the pictures that you got of Herreson. He DOES love his nana lil AND aunt molly!!!

    I have no doubt that your mother felt celebrated! i love you all!!!

  4. How awesome Molly.

    I want that cake and pie and your nana to be my nana.

    Can we make this happen?

  5. Nana, can I get soma that caramel cake please? I love sugar pumpkins!

  6. Hannah- Thanks! I feel really blessed to have the family I do.

    Candis- Nana would be happy to be your Nana, too. As would Granny. So there you go.

    E- She would cook you one in a heartbeat, complete with sugah pumpkins.

  7. looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time.

  8. Oh yay! Home is the best. Cake + pie? The way to go.

  9. so wonderful, Molly! i loved all of the fun pictures.

    and quiet mornings and late nights with your mom; priceless.

  10. I want your wardrobe and accessories.

  11. i have been so looking forward to seeing this post, molly! seeing your family in pictures makes me smile. and you look gorgeous! what a wonderful surprise for your sweet mama!


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