Thursday, October 27, 2011

To Boston We Did Go

The night before my big blogger trip to Boston, I busted out the Crest White Strips as if the next day were my wedding.
Justin helped me finish up some swag to take on my trip while Pandora played in the background.
I wasn't nervous, but rather, giddy knowing that the next day held a grand possibility for some amazing friendships.

And here's how it all went down...

Friday night called for babies in footed pajamas and an evening in at our spacious villa.
Bridget's Parker makes an excellent pajama model.

We talked and ate and drank and laughed until late in the night.

We got all dressed up on Saturday morning for a downtown Boston adventure.
Candis' Westley and Elizabeth's Everett talking about the plans for the day.

 Shannon and Behr proved to be resilient city folk and Westley took his first train ride.

Bridget and Elizabeth rocking emo hipster eyewear.

We parked it downtown for a delicious lunch.
I am wholly impressed that mamas can eat while doing song and dance
and a host of other entertainment for babies and still be able to say,
That burger was really good or That pizza is super tastey.
I think it's a learned talent and they've got it mastered.

I love that both Candis and I are rocking the wide-open-mouth smile.
Seeing Bridget and Elizabeth's reflection makes me happy. We must have lost Shannon at this point.

I'm surprised Boston didn't crumble from the weight of sheer awesomeness of these beautiful women.

In line for Pinkberry with E and EE.

Natalie joined us for a sweet treat. She is quite lovely.
My only regret was that our visit was so short.

The babes were getting sleepy so we decided to take it back to our home for the weekend.

Here's the view again from our sunporch if you missed it yesterday.
Candis did a fantastic job finding this dreamy rental for us.

Pretty mamas and babies spinning stories through the night once more.

Everett being all sugary sweet and drooly for Auntie M's camera.

EE and Westley making plans for the next trip.
I think they are saying, Dude, we should totally get our own room next time.

I love this lady.

Candis and W were my roomies at the villa. 
We would whisper like school girls after lights out.
I loooved hearing Westley's little baby sighs and coos as I went off to sleep.
Possibly the sweetest sounds I've ever heard.

So what was my favorite part of the weekend?
Seeing Boston? Talking blog shoptalk? Dressing to impress?
Not hardly.

These women are real. They have hopes and dreams for the future.
They have family drama and mothers-in-law and worries.

We laughed together and we cried together and we dreamed together.
And that was my favorite part.
Sitting on a red couch in a villa in Boston becoming real friends with some of the most amazing women I know.

And it's not over. Elizabeth and I decided to stay an extra day. So the story continues...


  1. Oh man, it was as perfect as it should have been, I am so happy. And mega jealous. D wants to give those boys a run for their money. Gorgeous weekend, gorgeous ladies.

  2. love this. the first two pictures of parker are amazing. the picture of candis on the subway is badass. glad you guys had such a successful weekend!

  3. This is beautiful! I love when I discover that about somebody new... they are real, just like me! This post is full of beauty... I love all of your blogs (like read them every day!) and so it is really special to see all of you together in one place.

  4. so fun, Molly! i enjoyed reading some trip details, and especially seeing glimpses of those adorable babies :)

    i'm trying to remember when i met you for the first time . . .

    i know these lady's lives are richer because now they have, too! {in person, that is}

  5. Window picture might possibly be my favorite. I started going through moody withdrawals yesterday with Candis' baby yoda movie.


  6. oh, but not that meeting you initially was something forgettable . . .

    i just felt like i already knew you from all that mom had told me about "molly" . . . "you're just gonna LOVE molly" . . . "she's so fun" . . . "and she's a decorator!" :)

  7. Awww fun! I need to find some other bloggers in Aus to get together with :D

  8. WhitMc- Thank you, friend. Sassy D could totally give those boys a run for their money.

    Colleen- I love that pic of Candis. NYC needs to take advice from Boston. A clean subway?! Now, there's a novel idea.

    Hannah- It was special, indeed. And now I think we are all going through withdrawals.

  9. ourvapor- Katie, I nearly spewed my coffee when I read "...and a decorator!" That made my day. :)

    Elizabeth- TELL ME ABOUT IT. My heart hurts a little.

    L!$@- So fun. I think you'd love it.

  10. you write about this all so well. It makes me miss the weekend so much more! p.s. You are an amazing photog. Can you send me your pictures?!?

  11. Val- Thanks sister!

    Shannon- I miss the weekend, too. And yes, I will send the pics now.

  12. parker does make a great pj's model if i do say so myself. who's his mother anyway?!!

    it was a great weekend. and even greater that now i read all your writing with your southern twang. it makes it even more enjoyable.

  13. so crazy this post of baby awesomeoness happened today because i just so happened to have the weirdest dream last had a baby! i dreamed that julia and i were visiting you, justin...and your baby(!) in nyc! so, so crazy!

    p.s. i'm not a weird freak that has dreams about you, so don't worry. it was totally random. ;)

  14. B- I think she must be some hottie. Maybe she models pajamas, too? Thanks, friend. I'm always here to bring a little Southern to your life.

    Courtney- You are alive!!! What an awesome dream. I kinda love that you had a dream about us Rigolosos! Perhaps it shall actually come to pass one of these days. I owe you an email.

  15. Looks like an amazing weekend! I'm so happy you all got to have that special time together. There is nothing better than girlfriends!

  16. mo-so,

    great post! i love the way you captured the weekend trip. it made all of candis' stories come to life--great photos. i definitely think you should come hang out in c-bus sometime.

    drew jones

  17. Seriously, each one of you ladies has posted a sweeter and sweeter tribute to your weekend! So much fun to read (and ooh and ahh over the little stud muffins)!

    Your blog is too much fun to read, I've completely neglected starting dinner because I got caught up in it (worth it).

    You're awesome, just thought you should know that!

  18. So fun! What an adventure.

    And those cute babes are cracking me up. They are everywhere.

  19. Drew Jones just called you mo-so. awesome.

    LOVE the window pic of us. I must have missed it in the ones you sent but I am TOTALLY STEALING IT AND SAVING IT. I love that we both went for cheesy open mouthed smiles too.

    You are the bestest Molly. I loved every moment I got to spend with you.

  20. Whose ever idea it was for this blogger-friend-Boston-meet-up is a sheer genius. I'm jealous. Nothing beats a night spent chatting and giggling with girlfriends. And I mean that. :)

  21. Heather B- You are so right. Good friends make life so good.

    laurenjeanallece- Thank you! I think you are quite awesome yourself.

    SBS- They were so cute and they were everywhere!

    True*Lu- I happen to agree with you. It's good for the soul.

  22. DrewJones- I cannot believe I have a nickname from you. I love it. I love your family more. And we are so coming to C-bus. Prepare yourself.

    lady lee- Our window pic was taken by the one and only Elizabeth Ivie. It's one of my faves, too. I miss you already. But you already knew that.

  23. I am so jealous,
    1. Because lucky ladies got to spend some sweet time with my best friend and i did not. : (

    2. You were in Boston

    3. That i do not know these ladies myself. I think if you hit it off with them then i would have too.

    It looks like you had a great time! i am so glad you got to go, seriously!

    i love you and miss you much!!!

  24. Looks so fun! A sassy girl trip to Boston...jealous. Boston looks quite wondey. Y'alls view from the porch is ridic..great pic. Love your polky dotty shirt.

  25. gawh! this entire trip looks flippin amazing. pack me in your suitcase next time. miss you.


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