Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Steve + Owen + Jack

What's up with us?
Oh, nothing.

Just taking a little stroll through Central Park with Steve and Owen and Jack.
That's all.

ps... That's not all! I'm guest posting today over at my pal Shannon's blog, The Scribble Pad.
Shannon and her man Mark just celebrated 5 sweet years of marriage!
Stop by Shannon's and check out one of my fave newlywed stories. It's pretty hot.


  1. Did you know Steve Martin INVENTED air quotes? Talk about leaving your mark. I just love him so much it hurts. Love his movies, love his books, love his white hair.

  2. Did you get to talk to Steve Martin? He is so cool! Like Erin said: movies, books, hair and I'll add banjo.

  3. ahhhhh! i love nyc. it's so cool to happen on a set. my favorite so far was law & order: criminal intent, and seeing vincent d'onofrio, who is beyond tall and was beyond happy to be on set. it was awesome and very nyc. these pictures are great!

  4. oh nyc. so glam.

    Great photos of such a cool moment. Something you can show your kiddos someday.

  5. so i met steve martin too. thus, we're the same.

    but coming upon him in a movie set in nyc is way cooler.


    p.s. sorry for yelling, I am just excited to have you as a guest blogger.

    p.p.s. I love that you said Owen and Jack and everyone is focusing on Steve.

  7. and I can't also said steve...I am dumb

  8. owen and jack, what a hilarious combo.

  9. jealous. i would have probably tried to hug steve. he's the bomb diggity. can you imagine hanging out with the 3 of them in a bar somewhere? just think how many times you would probably pee in your pants...

  10. wow. so awesome.

    thanks for stopping by our little bloggity blog! i hope you come and stay a while!



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