Saturday, October 29, 2011

a spontaneous Saturday post // a moment I don't want to forget

My Dad called me from Alabama last night to tell me he'd heard the reports.
New York City was bound to experience the first snow of the season today.

Growing up in the Deep South, I saw snow for the first time when I was thirteen and a freak snow "storm" hit our southeastern corner of Alabama. My Dad and I built a snowman that stood about 8 inches tall, and due to fastly rising temperatures, was subsequently destined to a life in our freezer.

My Mama remembers my little girl self saying, "Someday I want to live some place where it snows. Really snows."

And now I do.
We are two days shy of Halloween and NYC is welcoming it's first snow of the season.

Well, I am welcoming it at least.
Walter, our door man, nearly cussed me as I stepped out our front door to take pictures of the beautiful white magic.
"Pssh, You and your husband love this stuff. Hrmph."
"Yes, yes we do, Walter," I replied.

My phone looks like it's celebrating the chunky flakes along with me.

Our jack-o-lantern, Fred, sits lighted on the coffee table while Justin gets a few more minutes of sleep.
I whispered to both of them, It's snowing.
Fred the Jack gave me a knowing flicker and Justin gave me a tender smile and nodded.

There is food to cook, a Halloween costume to make, laundry that won't do itself.
But for now, I'm going to sit here wearing my man's long sleeved green thermal just a little bit longer watching the sight out my window.

My Dad was right and the wish I told my Mama came true.
It's snowing in New York City.
And I am living here to see it.


  1. I love your photos and your writing style. Makes me feel like I'm there! Although because I live near Cleveland I can't say I'm a fan of the snow... It can hold off a little longer here. ;)

  2. Pretty snow! Your childhood dream really did some true. Your doorman must understand that folks from the deep South get excited about snow! Dad and I are looking forward to our next visit with you and Justin and we just might get to play with you in the snow! We love you, Mom and Dad

  3. I love this! As a California girl, my first winter in Oregon brought a 2 week "snowstorm" that "buried" our city... All the natives were grumbling and I was GIDDY.

    Enjoy your snow!

    OH! And if you get a chance, find someone who sells Ace Hard PUMPKIN CIDER (I tried it last night and it's the kind of thing I would have texted you with a lot of exclamation points)

  4. Kayle- Thank you for your kind words. I'll take any snow you want to send my way.

    Mama- The only thing that could make this day better is if you and Dad were already here. You'd love it.

    laurenjeanallece- That's it. This friendship is meant to be.

  5. YAY for snow!!!! I saw a similar weather report yesterday and thought of you and about how must you were going to enjoy it! I love that you value the "little things" just as much as the big! love and miss you friend!

  6. lovely lovely. I'm so glad you're enjoying it, I hope the rest of the weekend is as pleasantly surprising. Also I love that you have a doorman, ahh NY.

  7. Oh poor Walter, lol.

    This post gave me goosebumps. I could hear your voice when I read it.

  8. It is so pretty and i bet you are loving it. I wish i could be there to snuggle up with you and a cozy blanket and talk with you for hours. I miss you so very much mols. PLEASE hurry home. I can not promise you snow but i can promise you a fantastic time in front of our fire pit, sipping on our drink of choice, laughing at all the great stories justin tells, in what we know as cold weather here in alabama.

    love you lots!!!

  9. i loooove that first picture. so good.

    and iphone. WHATEVER.

    and same with lady lee. molly's southern accent reads to me now.

  10. Great pics. Hilarious that your door man is annoyed with your snow love.

  11. Mollyyyy - this Southern girl isn't used to much snow, but this post made me get excited! There's always something special about the first snow of the year! I just love your blog!! And that you have a doorman ;)

  12. it was pretty exciting. while i'm a bit wary of how long our winter was last year, i live for snow, especially in the city where it quiets everything. and i may have played a few christmas carols. wouldn't worry about it.

  13. I very randomly found your blog...and I laughed at the irony!

    I'm a born and raised Midwestern girl, but my significant other now attends the University of Alabama and I can't WAIT to move down there and rarely see snow again.

    I'm glad you're getting your snow :) Roll Tide

  14. Molly, thank you for this wonderful reminder to be grateful for the fleeting seasons. Having lived in Boston for a tad too long, I dread snow that comes to early or late in the season, lengthening winter. But I should be excited to celebrate Behr's first snow. (and second, and third)

    Looks like the perfect start to your weekend.

  15. Linds- What a sweet comment! I miss you and would welcome a night around your fire pit, sister.

    Carolyn- He's pretty annoyed with life so I don't take it personally.

    Leigh- Thank you so much! I do love the snow.

    Colleen- I'm not worried. We should have a Christmas party. Yes, I think we should.

    Anon- Roll Tide! Any chance you'll tell me who you are? Email me?

  16. the first snowfall . . . ahhh - so dreamy.

    and thank you SO MUCH for your comments on our blog. i responded to you there, but i didn't know if you'd check back. :)

    love you, friend.

  17. so awesome!!!!!!!!!! i think winter is my new favorite season.

  18. It's gorgeous, I am a teensy bit jealous. I love Fred's response to the snow. Time for you to get cozy for a "real" winter!

  19. whoops I actually have a name creepy of me to comment before. I'm still grateful we have no real snow in my Midwest! RTR ;)


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