Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Questions Answered, part 6

. . .
Q: What was it like when J first met your parents?
. . .

Although he is three years my elder, Justin and I were seniors in college together.
We were just friends when he met my parents for the first time.
I still called him Rigo as did everyone else on campus.
Here's how it went down...

I was a sorority girl and we had a big fancy Scholarship Banquet rapidly approaching.
Seated dinner. Awards. Speakers.
It's not all booze and boys and bars, this sorority life.

Here's where it gets interesting...
We were encouraged (read: required) to bring our parents. And a date.
Not a big deal if you have been dating your same guy for a while and your folks already know him.
Big freaking deal if you are single.
And I was.

How do you choose a date for something like that?
Some guy that could act cool while dressing up to eat a stuffy dinner and listen to speakers...
oh! and meet your parents all in one night.
That's a tall order.

Rigo and I knew each other throughout college, but had only recently begun hanging out with a mutual friend group.
I asked him if he'd join me for this glorious event, told him that he'd be meeting my folks.
He didn't even bat an eye.
Sure, I'd be happy to, he said.

As the night drew closer, I began to get nervous, but oddly enough not about Rigo meeting my folks.
I got nervous about him.
Truth is, I was crushing on him big time and I wanted to be a knockout date.

The grand night came.
I was still upstairs getting ready when I heard Rigo and my best friend's boyfriend arrive.
I remember walking down those stairs nervous as hell to see him.
He looked so handsome. And I thought I looked pretty damn good myself.

He met my parents right before we got in the car to go to dinner.
The rest of the night flows like snapshots in my memory.

The dinner was fancy, indeed.
Rigo made instant friends with my parents.
He also bumped the white linen clad table every time he sat down,
sending water glasses and wine glasses rattling and shaking something fierce.
By the third time he did it, we all laughed and whatever tension might have been easily dissipated.

I have a picture of us from that night.
It's stored away in Alabama as I type this in Manhattan or I'd scan it to show you.
Remember how I said I wanted to look good for my date?
I labored over what to wear finally deciding on a chic cream colored halter with ruffles piped in black from the neck to the bust and killer black pants.
I just knew I looked good and even won Best Dressed at the awards dinner.
This  Scholarship Banquet is serious stuff folks.

Once we were officially together we talked about that night.
How J bumped the table 100 times and how easily he connected with my folks.
I said, I loved my outfit that night. I looked pretty good, huh?
He said, I mean, you did look good, but I kinda thought that shirt looked like George Washington.

He met my parents. They loved him and he loved them from the very beginning.
A year and a couple months later, he would drive to my hometown, unbeknownst to me, take my dad to dinner and ask his permission to marry me.

Pausing only to get two speeding tickets on the way.


  1. You're such a good story-teller...two speeding tickets, HA!

  2. the speeding tickets? fantastic detail. :)

  3. lol. i love the way boys process fashion. but i love that he got two speeding tickets to go ask for your hand in marriage. he must have been ready!

  4. Beautiful story! Beautiful story-teller!

  5. Awww nice :D I love hearing these kind of stories.

  6. Thanks, all!

    Colleen- You would love my George Washington shirt. No doubt.

  7. I'm gonna need to see pictures of this. Make it happen.

  8. This story makes me very happy. Yay for sorority scholarship dinners, I remember the fancy-wear very well. George Washington? HA. I love it.

  9. Erin- I will try my friend. It will be nothing short of a miracle, though, I must say.

    WhitMc- Good times, for sure. George Washington, indeed.

  10. haaa! mols, i love how this blog informs me of details that i did not previously know about your courtship with mr. rigo. i did not know about this scholarship banquet date and i did not know about those speeding tickets. i laughed out loud about the george washington shirt - ha!

  11. Kells Bells- Oh the stories I have for you! And they are so much better in person. Crossing my fingers for January :)

  12. YOU FORGOT ONE MINOR DETAIL! Before you even ASKED 'Rigo' to go on the date, you asked your 'other' best friend's opinion (10 times).

    Mols: Sass, I'm really thinking about asking Rigo to go with me to the scholarship banquet. But do you think he would be weird about it?
    Sass: Rigo? Be weird about it? NO!
    Mols: But... I'm so nervous....
    Sass: (interrupting) Mols, no matter what.. you know it will be FUN b/c he's such a fun person and you are too. (I already knew she had a crush on him, she just hadn't admitted it to me. And he was TOTALLY diggin' her. I saw them together WAY before she did.)

    And I totally remember sending you off.. in that awesome ruffle halter.. as if I was a proud parent.

    What a fun memory on this Tuesday afternoon.

  13. Allison/Sass- Such a fun memory on this Tuesday evening. I had not forgotten you, Lou, but I had forgotten nagging you about Rigo ten times over. Glad you liked my George Wash shirt... it was pretty fly.

  14. Best freaking post. I can just see him rattling the table too.

    My Q has been A satisfactorily.

  15. hahaha...so good.

    george washington!

    two speeding tickets!

    That boy is in looooove.

    Great story. Can't wait to hear more in person.

  16. i seriously love this story. like really love. i also heard a rumor through the grapevine that you are heading to some kind of bloggy conference... i'd be a liar if i said i wasn't jealous. love you. miss you.

  17. I love this story of how it all came together. I love my memory of lunch with Sass and you guys being "just friends".
    I have approved from the beginning and still do.
    We love our J!


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