Friday, October 14, 2011

Questions Answered, part 5

. . .
Q: What are/were your favorite pair of shoes ever and why?
. . .
I love shoes. Love them. Wedges. Flats. Heels. Flops. Boots.
Yes to all of the above.

I'd have a really hard time picking just one pair, so I'll highlight a couple.

No. 1
my wedding day shoes
I got married before it was trendy to wear cowgirl boots or red heels or Toms.
I just wanted a pair of heels that were classy and semi-comfortable...
because let's face it, there was going to be a lot of dancing.
Classic they were. Taupe pointy toe BCBG heels.
As perfect a fit as Cinderella's slipper.
Then my girls made them even better and signed sweet notes on the soles.
I fancy my little girl playing dress up in them one day and asking about the writing on the bottom.
And I can tell her about my favorite women who stood beside me on the most important day of my life.

No. 2
wee little cowboy boots

I don't have many things from Justin's childhood.
A couple books. A picture that hung in his room. A blanket.
I do have a lot of stories about Justin's growing up years.
Apparently, he went through a cowboy phase when he was 3 or 4.
Could not and would not wear anything but his beloved boots.
Sometimes, I believe, wearing them on the wrong feet and daring a soul to tell him otherwise.

I cannot tell you how many times I wondered what happened to those boots.
I've got a couple pictures of J's Cowboy Years. He's about the cutest thing you've ever seen.

And then.
I met one of J's aunts for the first time a few years after we married.
I knew I'd get to meet some of his family on this particular weekend, but you can imagine my surprise when this one aunt arrived with a gift for me.
I love to give gifts and hated that I didn't have anything to give her in return.
I stammered as she handed me a bag to open, I'm so sorry. I... I didn't know...
She replied, Tsk. Don't you worry. Just open it.

And there they were.
Beautiful worn brown leather. Broken in and loved and scuffed.
Cowboy J's boots.
Justin's mom had passed them on so J's cousin could wear them.
And the cousin's mama had kept them all those 20+ years.

I cried.
They were just as J had remembered.

I also fancy my littles wearing their daddy's boots.
And if they take after their father, I bet we'll have a time convincing them to wear anything else.

The truth is, nothing would make me happier.  


  1. So precious! I love the sentiment behind these sweet shoes! Such wonderful memories past and memories to be made!

  2. ohhhhh tears.

    what a good aunt to keep them all that time and a wonderful gift to somehow like you who would appreciate it to the full.

    One. Week.

  3. How sweet that she gave them back.

    Now have a baby who can wear those boots.

  4. I got chills reading about the little boots. I love that. And what a sweet treasure your wedding day shoes are!

  5. I'm glad you all appreciate J's boots the way I do.

    Erin- I'll see what I can do... what We can do, I should say. :)

  6. Lynn-
    I feel completely honored that you are reading this little blog of mine while you are on such a grand adventure! That's real friendship.
    Love you!

  7. Gah! You made me cry! I love sentimentality, especially yours.

  8. Smashleigh- you are so kind. I always love your comments. ;)


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