Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Questions Answered, part 3

Q: Do you have a washing machine? How does laundry work?
This may be the most riveting post ever. Brace yourself.

Washers and dryers are not always a given in New York apartments.
Thankfully, we have them in our basement.
At first, this underworld of our apartment gave me the creeps, but for the sake of clean clothes I got over it.
Sometimes you have to battle wet paint, but that's no biggie.

As a little review, here's my laundry room in our sweet, first home in Alabama.
And yes, the plug and dust buster being visible nearly made me nuts.
So not a part of my decorating scheme. Such a First World Problem.

New York laundry room.
Washers on the left, dryers on the right.
Riveting, folks!

Two dollars to wash and two dollars to dry.
You put money on your laundry card in $5, $10 or $20 bills.
The money machine is snotty... it doesn't accept $1 bills or change. Jerk.
Once you've got money on your card, you put your card in the machine.
And laundry begins.
Only don't put your clothes in No. 17, the dirty thief.
It will trap your clothes while your husband is at work and make you have a panic attack trying to figure out how to retrieve them.

Do take pictures of yourself while your clothes dry and make the Super give you the side-eye and ask you why you are taking pictures in the laundry room.
Skip the part about blogging and answer, Just playing around.
It will work out better for everyone.
Secret Bonus Info:
I pass this red wheeled handle in the stairway on my way to do laundry and I want to turn it every.single.time.
Oh the temptation!

I apologize in advance for any laundry room jealousy I have created.
How you will ever return to your life after learning Such Amazing News! is beyond me.
We're all glam, all the time, people.


  1. damn. it's $2.25 in my building. what a rip-off.

  2. Hahahaha, this post cracked me up.

    Samesies on the sense of humor you and me.

    Big surprise.

  3. Colleen- The larger washers are $2.75 if that makes you feel any better.

    Lady Lee- Shocker ;)

  4. The fact that you can make me crack up at my desk while reading about your laundry room to the point that that anybody walking by my office thinks I finally lost my last bit of sanity is a true gift. But on another note, Can you pleasepleaseplease come make over my laundry room like your Alabama laundry room? Mine is super ugly and lame. I wanna be like First World Molly.

  5. WhitMc- I like you and I am glad I can make you laugh about laundry rooms Of All Things. Thanks for your kind words about my AL room. I figured, I spent enough time in there, I may as well make it look pretty.

  6. This had me laughing... :-) Esp. the tempting red wheel...

  7. This post is so funny. I had never used a laundry card until I moved to New York! Doing laundry in the building I lived in before that (in Sweden) was free!

  8. I once had to do laundry in a spooky basement. I even saw a mouse there once. Your basement looks nicer. :)

  9. You are making some serious memories, friend!! Do you have to stay and wait for a load to wash and dry? How did you finally get your clothes out of number 17?

  10. Totally jealous. When I lived in Boston, the machines were in the basement of the building next door. You had to cross an abandoned courthouse to get there and I always just KNEW I was going to get knifed when I did laundry at night.

    Tell J to hurry that shit up and answer my question already.


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