Friday, October 21, 2011

Living Pinterest // glittery candles + weekending

My friend Candis created a segment on her blog, lady lee in process, called Living Pinterest...
a really great way for us to actually do some of the awesome projects we keep pinning on Pinterest from week to week.

Pinned Image
 Here's my original pin // The Inspired Room

I gathered my supplies: Epsom Salt, Mod Podge, Fall scented pillar candles and a sponge brush.

Pour the Epsom salt on a plate.

Brush the Mod Podge onto a candle.

Roll your gluey candle in the salt and then let it dry.

Then admire your handiwork.

I love these candles.
I think they look super high end, but the total cost was less than $15
and I have the supplies to make several more.

I'm off to Boston this weekend to chill with these fine ladies and their babies.
They are some of my favorite bloggers evah and meeting them makes me feel like a kid on Christmas.
I can harldy believe our weekend away is actually happening, but I am oh so thankful it is.

Happy Friday, all.
the fine ladies + cute babies one, two, three, four


  1. That was wonderful! I just might try that.

  2. go molly. im likin' what you did there.
    and see you sooooooon!

  3. This would make a nice hostess gift. Cute.

  4. Your candles look great!! I may have to try this project! Have fun on your Boston baby weekend!

  5. Love the candles. I might just have to make some.

    Have a GREAT time with everyone!!!

  6. these candles are awesome! and seeing you in LESS THAN 10 HOURS is even more awesome! Wahooo...

  7. that is a lot of baby boys. have an awesome time!

    also, your candles are amazing. let's get together when you get back!

  8. that's SO fun that you made all these friends through blogging...welcome to the times, people..:) I need to catch on. See ya next week!

  9. Ah, how fun to meet up with Bloggery friends! Can't wait to hear how it goes. And, I want to know what you think of Boston!

  10. the candles look so fun & easy! thanks for sharing the idea.

    and - let me just say - I am so excited for you regarding your girlfriend/blogfriend getaway. I have seen the ladies' blogs from some of your links, and I look forward to hearing about your time together.

    Love you a lot!

  11. wow. i am seriously impressed! such a cool idea. it was oh, so so nice meeting you, molly. you are the sweetest thing ever! so excited to follow along with you now. hope you had a safe trip home. xxoxx

  12. Those are great! I hope you had a wonderful time in Boston.

  13. I didn't comment on this one either! In my head I said to you (through our telepathic connection) "You are too fancy, I want to buy your candles. Can't wait to get the lowdown on Boston. Have a fabulous weekend with some fabulous ladies!" xx


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