Monday, October 10, 2011

Jessica in The City

Justin's sister Jessica came to visit us last week.
The last time she was here snow was on the ground.

Of all the times we have taken the Staten Island Ferry, this was the first day we realized you could stand in the letters.
It's nice to have a fresh perspective. Thanks, Jess.

My man took this picture. Great shot, J.

The Lady was looking particularly fetching. She rocks rainy days.

The Staten Island 9/11 Memorial

Such a sombering place

I ran my hand over the carved letters of names. Candles flickered and flags waved.
That day really happened. I wish it hadn't.

We lightened the heavy mood a bit laughing at a man we both love.
My husband, her brother.

And then we visited the actual site of the World Trade Center.
Jess took this shot and I love it so.

The next day we kept it light and easy.
Jess got to see her first Broadway show on Broadway.
How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was fantastic.
Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette were brilliant.
That seems like something you should say after you see a Broadway show.


We introduced Jessica to Bryant Park.

Such a great place to chill or read a book or eat lunch.
Or fall out mid-stride for a nap in the grass.

Or eat a cakepop.
Jess, you're so fun.

I really want somebody with kids to visit us so I can ride this merry-go-round with reckless abandon.

Thanks for coming to see us, Jess.
You're such a cool sister.

Now, who's bringing their kids to NYC?


  1. i love all of these pictures, you look so cute!

  2. You DO look cute. Your rock rainy days, too! I also love J's picture and how fun that you can stand in the letters! This comment would be so long if I said something about every picture, but I kind of want to. I stifled a laugh at that person napping in the park. I feel like I could do that sometimes.

  3. True story: I dreamt about you last night, Molly. You came to my church and lost your purse, and a little kid and I found it and returned it to you. Riveting stuff.

    And my kids can rock a merry-go-round like nobody's business.

  4. I really enjoy all of your photographs from your adventures in the city.

  5. And when I watched the E True Hollywood Story on J I thought he was an only child. ???

  6. Colleen + Lynn + Leslie- Thanks, ladies. Such encouraging words on this Monday morning.

    Erin- I hope it was a really rockin' bag, like a Louis perhaps. Did we hang out after or was I all, Thanks Erin and Small Child for returning Louis, I'm out.

  7. Erin- I'm no E True Hollywood, but here's what's up: J's an only child by birth, but has a stepsister we love dearly.

  8. matt and i just said last night how we still are hoping to come to NY sometime this fall...maybe novemeber?? we want to go to a giants game to see matt's friend play (maybe ya'll could go with us??) but sadly, we will not be bringing our kids, who would throughly enjoy the merry go round!

  9. so fun, so fun. i'll bring parker to that merry go round only if i can first sanitize the shit out of it.

    yes, i'm a freak.

  10. Everett wants you to pass this message on to Unca J:

    "You, me, the merry go round. Now."

  11. I really like the picture Justin took of the city and the one of our lady liberty.

  12. I love your NY posts so I can tour the city. But I want to tour in person--D is in for the merry go round. Funny--I have a post on the way about riding a merry go round with reckless abandon.

  13. me, i'm coming.

    & you are so adorable.

    and j is cute.

    and your sister is too.

  14. I love your NY adventures. I never really wanted to go there (gasp, I know) until I read a few of your posts. After Erin is done visiting I'll come out with my kids so you can have some time with a few girl babies.

  15. Who needs kids to ride the merry go round with reckless abandon. Go for it and with no shame!!

  16. What about one of the kids? You know, the girl. The soon to be four year old...a very cool toy store in her future???
    I think yes!
    Call me! :)


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