Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Found Loveliness Today

I found loveliness today
Down along life's broad highway
Saw its beauty in the trees
Heard it whisper in the breeze
Felt its warmth in glad sunshine
All along life's broad highway
I found loveliness today
Carleton Everett Knox

Happy Fall to you all.
Find some loveliness today.



  1. What loveliness. We're off to find some loveliness in England's Lake District today. :)

  2. Punkins. EE needs his picture taken with a punkin! Must make happen in Boston. Four baby pileup with punkins?

  3. E- 4 punkins sitting with the punkins. Done.

  4. I got a cat-call from some guys in truck while doing the monkey bars with my kids. Talk about lovely.

  5. found so much. thank you for the reminder to pay attention. love you

  6. This just made me all kinds of giddy. The photo, the poem, the nod to Autumn... Jeepers. You speak to my heart.


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