Friday, October 28, 2011

Elizabeth and Molly take on Boston

 Elizabeth introduced me to some of her old Boston haunts.
Visiting a city with a friend who already knows and loves that city is magic.
Seeing the city through her eyes, with her perspective... it was a gift in itself.

We stayed downtown at the  Lenox. It was impressive and beautiful.

Elizabeth encouraged me to check out The Reading Room at Boston's public library while Everett got a little nourishment.
She knew I needed to see it... I would have been so disappointed to miss this place.

We wandered around Harvard and admired the stately buildings and the turning leaves, but decided this prestigious campus didn't have anything on our alma mater.

We stopped to purchase paperbacks at the Harvard Book Store as is Elizabeth's tradition.
I happily adopted it as my own.

What you see here is a kid in a candy shop and another one behind the camera.

We walked the streets of Beacon Hill gently moving from one topic of conversation to another.
Talking about important matters, appreciating one another's sarcasm, being fully present.
Elizabeth needed a band-aid and I had one to give her.
I needed to tell Elizabeth what a great ass she has and so I did.
Nothing forges great friendships quite like meeting first aid needs and offering sassy compliments about one's body.

We treated ourselves to a hidden gem of Boston.
She told me to order the Hot Beacon Hill Delight, a dessert coffee that will make you want to slap somebody.
That line was for you, Bridget.

I felt like I'd known her for years instead of days.
On Monday, I hugged her and her baby boy goodbye for now and told her how very much I loved her.

And I meant every word.

ps... Next time, we are taking on NYC.


  1. I can't sleep and so I am commenting FIRST on your blog at almost 3 am.

    Jealous. Wish I could have been two places at once. NYC next time for sheez.

  2. yes to nyc. make them come here. and love this post and that you two had such a nice day. little everett is cute in that last picture!

  3. I LOVE the covers on those books on the middle shelf!

  4. asian pear, manchego cheese. makes you wanna slap somebody.

    so good.

  5. Did this slap somebody line happen while I was still traveling? Because I'm still a little pissed we got there late.

    Love ya Molly.

  6. I ache missing you ladies. I promise next trip I won't be so tense...but yes, new york. Can we start planning now?

    p.s. I don't get the "slap somebody" explain to your not funny friend please.

  7. I'm glad you had a such a great time in Boston...and that you enjoyed the Lenox hotel! My cousin works there managing events and he absolutely loves it.

  8. I love that Shannon does not know the statement, " makes you want to slap somebody "
    Shannon - molly says it a lot. I can hear her saying it now.

    Too funny and great!

  9. Elizabeth + Shannon- Bridget set up that awesome app of bread and cheese and balsamic dressing and said it was one of her and Steve's faves. I said Justin and I love an asian pear, manchego and salty chocolate... it's so good it'll make you want to slap somebody. And thus, I won over Bridget Hunt.

  10. Colleen- make them come here. Ha! I like you so much.

    Lynn- I've heard Anthro has them on sale right now...

    Leanna Vera- Oh I loved Lenox! I bet your cousin does love his job. Such a beautiful place with great attention to detail.

  11. Shoot. I knew I would miss something flying in so late!

  12. It is such a beautiful thing when someone just gets you... :-)

  13. Forget y'all. There wasn't even any bread left on the table when I got there. Except that one weird nibbled over piece.

  14. Oh my beacon hill delight...come to mama.

  15. okay, i totally love your stripes with the floral scarf. great look!

  16. Sounds perfect--you and E are a sassy combo, I am sure Boston is still suffering pangs of withdrawals. Do share--what book did you take home?

  17. WhitMc- Little Women, cloth bound for me.
    Running the Books: The Adventures of an Accidental Prison Librarian by Avi Steinberg for J.
    And one more for me... Q by Evan Mandery.

    I'm glad you asked. :)

  18. You know I can't get enough of the books. I just looked up "Q" and it looks addicting. Have you started it? It's my turn to pick for my book club this week, and I think Q will be on the voting list :)

  19. LOVE reading about your trip and seeing all the pictures. Looks like a fabulous trip! Its been fun to read each of your take on the weekend.


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