Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Brazen Me Update

So last Wednesday, I became extremely brazen and wrote this post.
Many of you wrote comments, emails and cards letting me know you have weathered similar struggles before or that you are cheering for me on this journey.
I am humbled by your honesty and thank you for support.

And now for a little update...

I took these pics sometime after the Mother of All Honesty poured forth.
I have been conscious of what and how much I put into my body this week.
I also made an effort to be active every day.
Sometimes I loved it and sometimes I hated it, but I did it anyway.

Week One. Winning. Actually loosing, but winning just the same.

Go me.

What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?


  1. looking lady, very happy for you! and if i knew i couldn't fail i would go up to prince harry and ask him to marry me. set. for. life.

  2. love the booty shot! ha. way to go.

  3. Seeing your pretty face makes me really miss you and want to give you a hug. I think if I knew I wouldn't fail, I would work a lot harder, because I KNEW it would pay off. :)

  4. You're so cool. Really. I read a memoir in Iowa and the author reminded me so much of you--funny, pretty, willing to work toward a very hard goal (losing 80 pounds). She started by taking "before" polaroids of herself too!

    Also, I'm about to comment all over this here blog...I'm catching up!

  5. Beautiful Molly! You GO!!! So proud of you and you are an inspiration to me on my own journey!

  6. girl, you hot.

    I am inspired by you and your honesty and bravery.


    If I knew I wouldn't fail I would start a greeting card business.

  7. Hi!!! I've been following you since E did a guest post but I don't know if I've commented yet. . . GO YOU!!! I never knew how hard losing weight could be until I gained a lot during pregnancy that didn't just fall off, like it seems to for so many other women. I love the question you pose at the end. Its all about believing in your self and taking risks, isn't it? If I knew I couldn't fail, I would start my own design business.

  8. GO MOLLY! So freaking proud of you--you are giving the rest of us courage.

    If I knew I would not fail, I would move to a beautiful piece of land on/near the coast of Oregon (mind you, I have never been to Oregon), have a small sheep farm, a knitting-related business, and a gorgeous vegetable garden. Oh, and high-speed internet for all the online shopping I will need to do without a Nordstrom within walking distance.

  9. Go you!

    I love that question at the bottom. Mmmmm.... it's got me thinking.

    I like your glasses.

  10. Go Molly. Go Molly. Go go, go Molly.

    If I knew I wouldn't fail I'd open a charming little dessert shop in our strip-mall town. I'd show old movies on the wall and serve pie and creme brulee and Ginger cookies.

    Or I'd have three more kids. Like, immediately.

  11. Oh one more:

    I would audition for and star in the Broadway version of Newsies. As the male lead, Jack Kelly.

  12. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    E- pass along the title? I think I need to read this woman...

    Kimberly- Hello and welcome! Thanks for reading.

    WhitMc- I want to visit your cool piece of land in Orgeon. Real life knitting lessons.

    Erin- I also want to come to your restaurant. Now.

  13. Woo hoo! You are awesome. I miss you here in LA!!

    What would I do? I would do crafts and sell them from home. Now, I know you have to be crafty to do that, but you said I wouldn't I'm taking your word for it!

  14. LOVE the curls :D
    Way to go, MTJ!
    I would be a full time painter

  15. This is so fantastic, I am sure people have millions of suggestions and stories, but from a personal experience...achieving the goal is so incredibly satisfying NOT for the weight, but for proving to yourself you could do it. SUPER proud of you, and I don't even know you :)

  16. I was thinking of you today and your journey...and I was hoping you'd do before and afters! You go girl. You can do it.

  17. Maggy + Heather B- You each made me day and probably didn't even know it. Thank you so so much.

  18. Yay for you and your courage. I love how you just put it all out there because you have lots of readers cheering for you. I know that I am and you can do this!!! Hugs from miles away.


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