Monday, October 17, 2011

The Brazen Me Update // take 2

Kick my tail.
Go ahead. You have my permission.

I hail from the Deep South where we would fry dirt if we could.
I knew I'd be surprising my mama for her birthday last week, more on that later.
I also knew I would be surrounded by the likes of food most of you have only known in dreams.

Fried chicken. Fried cornbread. Homemade caramel cake. Biscuits and sausage gravy.
Chick-fil-a for heaven's sake.

We stayed so busy it was impossible to squeeze in a workout.
Plus, my visits with family are few and far between, 
so I try to soak up every possible minute with them.

Perhaps these sound like excuses, but that's not my intention.
My goal is to say, I probably ate more and moved less than I should have.

On the plus side:
I was surrounded by some of the best food in all the world and while I ate my share,
I tried to be conscious to not overeat.
I made myself aware of how many rolls I ate instead of eating them without thought,
which is so very easy to do.

Here's what I noticed upon my return to NYC:
I want to keep eating like I am on vacay.
Breaking bad food habits is so hard for me.
Once you choose vacay foods on the regular, it's hard to make the healthier choice.

The easiest thing would be to lie to you... I have had such a great week! Fantastic! This is so easy!
Or to wuss out and not say anything at all.
But this Brazen New Me has a voice and a determination that won't let me remain silent even when I want to be.

So, I will confess to you.
I had a tough week. This journey is not an easy one.
I want to find the balance of eating well and indulging well and that's hard for me.

But today?
Today begins a new week.
I get the chance to make good choices today.

And I think I shall.

Here's the original post + and the first update on my journey toward being a more healthy me.


  1. This picture of you is really cute. Is that scarf from Target? I really wanted to buy it, but I knew deep down I couldn't pull it off. The way you do here in this picture.

    Moving on.

    I agree with you on the thought that you could put this declaration out into the blogosphere and then not mention it again. That would be easy. So, well done on not being easy.

    Wait, what?

  2. Good for you, Molly! I have to remind myself about this all the time... it's a new day or a new week and I get to start over... good for you for following through on your goals!

  3. Erin- Old Navy a couple years ago, but you could totally rock it. Also, you've got one fierce sense of humor. I like you.

  4. Hannah- You are so right. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. There will be good weeks and bad weeks, Mols. I'm not one for limiting my life experiences when I'm on vacation or visiting family - and that includes food. You'll get back on track!

  6. It is so hard to give up vacay eating when you come are so right. And chick-fil-a is like fast food heaven so really what were you supposed to do DENY FF HEAVEN?

    I'm proud of you for talking about the struggles while the struggles are happening. You are going to have a great week this week and then Friday I'm going to meet you and hug you and it's going to be aaaaamazing.

    Also - bad week or good week you are still a beautiful girl.

  7. Umm, I was gonna bring homemade breadsticks to Boston...

    Just kidding. I'm not doing that. But we are vacay eating, aren't we?! The villa is in walking distance of a Burger King for pete's sake. But don't worry, we'll also be walking it all off because Boston is a walking city!

    Also, I grew a baby on Chick-fil-a food alone.

  8. I hear ya! It is so tough. Staying conscious is important and I think a lot of us really appreciate your honesty with this topic. This is a battle that a lot of us face.



  9. I heart Brazen Molly, way to keep it real. And you know what our friend Cupcake would tell you, right? Just worry about today, yesterday is already gone. P.S. What is caramel cake? My native California self is missing out. But I can regale you with kale recipes...

  10. E- I won't try to stop you from bringing homemade breadsticks. Ever. And we are totally vacay eating. I'm just going to eat all my peas and carrots between now and then.

    Brhea- Thank you. It is a battle, but I am ready to fight. Most days.

    WhitMc- Caramel cake, specifically my Nana's, is the substance of which dreams are made. Oh how I wish I could send you one. I am so glad you love Cup as much as I.

  11. New plan--after the road trip to Austin, we are hitting your Nana's. When you are in Boston, convince E that she needs some Cupcake in her life.

  12. WhitMc- done and done. Nana would be happy to make you your very own caramel cake. And you would be so glad she did.

  13. well hello brazen molly. i missed you at the four seasons today ;)

    the best way i keep myself in check is eating healthy during the week and eating whatever i want on the weekend. by the time monday comes around i'm all fried-fooded out, and by the time friday comes i am ready for that piece of fried chicken. and lord knows i love my fried chicken. so jealous of your trip to the deep south.

  14. Colleen- I like your eating style. That has always worked well for me when I stick to it.

    I cannot believe you were at the Four Seasons today. ;)

  15. I love that you "keep it real"! And I so do not think you should deny yourself anything! I have the worst eating habits ever, but if I eat that wedge of cake, then I have a big ol' glass of milk to make it healthy and call it supper. :) You are doing great and seriously, it was your mama's birthday! ha!

    ps. i wish i would have bumped into you too. Guess it's time for me to bring the girls to NYC.

  16. kkd- They would love it! And I would love it, too. Maybe we could have a coffee or hot chocolate date when I'm home for the holidays?

  17. Hang in there, Molly. I know too well the irresistible food that vacation brings. I hope you have a great week of getting back on track.

  18. SBS- Thank you for your encouragement. It's so good to know that other people relate... especially Southerners. :)

  19. I so miss the food of the south. Not much southern food in Utah, as you probably imagined. But we do have a CFA! And if you visit me, I will take you there! :) And then we can go walking together.


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