Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's your secret?

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I need to tell you a secret.

My email inbox is stressing me out.

I have a really hard time deleting anything unless it's outright spam.

Justin, however, will delete an email faster than you can say lickety split. I'm a little jealous at the ease with which he can do this and think nothing of it.

I have folders, ahem, 62 of them, that create some form of organized chaos, but even then I have a difficult time moving emails to their designated spot.

I leave mail open because it bears some form of importance, and then I am left with 500 things all yelling about their importance every time I open gmail.

Tell me what you do? I know there's got to be a better way.


  1. I love that I am on the West Coast, therefore your midnight posts are only 9am posts for me, and I get what feels like an early crack at them! My email inboxes are my nemeses. For my work email, I organize by folder for each case (easy) but personal email is trickier. I have succumbed to Gmail's "Archive" feature. I have a couple folders for categories I refer back to a lot (Travel, Contact Info, Knitting, etc) and the rest I just hit "Archive" and then rely on the search feature to pull it up again. It has worked great so far. I also hate deleting, and I have been known to pull up 3-year old emails as a reference :)

  2. This made me think of postsecret.com

    I don't have any email advice for you. I really like getting rid of emails because I hate the permanence of them sitting in a folder. Like they're evidence against me. Are they social or work emails?

  3. i'm definitely a deleter, too. i have folders for e-mails i'll need to reference again (a travel folder, a high school folder if i particularly like an e-mail from a friend from high school, etc.) but after i respond i delete. i figure if something happens where i would need it again, i'd just go into my deleted items. but yeah...i'm a deleter. i just can't help myself.

  4. WhitMc- You might be on to something here. Maybe I could try that...

    Erin- work and play

    Erin + Colleen- Consider me officially jeal of Justin and the two of you. Deleters.

  5. I'm a deleter. :)
    But in gmail you can label your messages and then archive them. Then you can 'google search' your mailbox. I love it!


  6. WhitMc + Mel- What's the difference between archiving and putting them into folders?

  7. I put them into folders. However, if they aren't actually important, then I delete them. Typically I fall behind every so often so then I'll take 10 minutes to go through my inbox and sort/delete every couple of months.

  8. dear sister,

    I do the same thing.

    i know you are not surprised.


  9. 62 FOLDERS?!
    i cant stand a jammed inbox. like more than 10 emails has me stressin. in fact, gots to go address that now.

  10. I just delete stupid shit and mark everything else as unread. No folders. I like how gmail has the option to organize by unread first now. No more scrolling for the email I need!

    I do get anal about the "people you should follow" feauture on Pinterest though. I want that shit cleared. If it keeps reminding me 32 PEOPLE, my brain reads it 32 UNREAD MESSAGES and freaks.

  11. M--the two are similar, a folder is essentially a "tag" for the email so you can easily pull up emails relating to the same subject. Where as archive just sends the mails into the All Mail folder. Both archived mail and folder mail will show up in search results when you search your mail. The only mail that will not show in the general search is mail that is in the trash, which you have to search separately.

  12. Thanks, WhitMc.

    B- 62, I know. It freaks me out, too.

    E- I like that idea. The Pinterest thing bugs me as well.

  13. ha! molly i am the same as you. love to keep all my emails, for whatever reason. matt is same as justin he loves deleting them.

  14. And me, too; same as you! and my man is just like yours. you said it so well - "i'm a little jealous". sorry no suggestions :/

  15. Carrie + Katie (our vapor)- I'm so glad I'm not alone!

  16. mols, I have 61 labels (gmail folders). I think some of them maybe duplicates? But, I'm way in way too deep to try to figure that out...

  17. email is a hard one. I delete everything once I'm done with it. I have a few folders, but that's just to keep receipts/username info. I hope you find a good balance!!

  18. I have a terrible time deleting email! It's a sickness!


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