Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I know to be true

Last week, I wrote about wanting to believe the truth about who I am.

Welcome to my stream of consciousness on a few things I know to be true...

I know that I am talented.
I know that I have something to offer this world.
I know I don't like to use the dishwasher.
I know Justin thinks that's bananas.
I know that I like creamer in my coffee and that espresso is not my fave.
I know that dark times in life are unavoidable.
But I know that there is Hope.
I know there is music for my every mood.
I know the well-worn leather of my Dad's old green Ford like I know my own name.
The way my Mama tucks her hair behind her ears when she talks on the phone.
The sleepy look on Justin's face when the day is just dawning.
I know that holding a new baby in your arms is like holding a piece of heaven.
I know I want to write more.
I know I miss Sonic Happy Hour and Chick-fil-a so very much.
I know that kindness is never wasted.
I know I want to have Justin's babies.
I know that laughter is my favorite form of medicine.
I know that friends make my life rich.
And so does wine.
I know that I am not perfect.
But I know that I am loved.

And the cool thing is... you are talented and strong and worthy of love, too.


  1. molly i love you! a few things - i loved when the character said that about believing what the fools say about you today. so true. i'm glad to hear you love wine so much (not a shocker). i miss sonic happy hour, too. and yes - you are incredibly beautiful and talented. have a wonderful day!

  2. This is great.

    And I only have one thing to say. When Boston comes so will the baby feverzzz.

    Justin, get ready.

  3. Goosebumpys.

    Man, you should miss chick-fil-a because it is da bomb dig. Drew and I call is fast food heaven.

    You are smart and talented and beautiful and so much more.

  4. Love the post and i believe everything you said about yourself is true! you are fantastic, lovely, funny, beautiful...your turn~

  5. Thanks for all your sweet words, friends.

    You are each beautiful and talented and funny for real.

    E- I can only imagine. What's 9 months from Boston?

  6. Molly you gave me chills. This is my favorite post so far. Thanks for sharing a bit of your awesome and talented soul.

  7. WhitMc- Thank you, friend. What kind words.

  8. love when you speak the truth! thanks for sharing!! love this.

  9. Molly, this was pretty awesome. Reminding ourselves of the things we know are true is so very important.

    I know that you are traveling to Boston...which is also pretty nifty!

  10. p.s. regardign your question to E, pregnancy is not actually 9 months. The easiest way to do the math is to add a week and then subtract nine months. So July 20, 2012, would be a safe you a few days once you got home.

  11. man I can't type.

    regardign = regarding

    subtract nine months was supposed to say, "subtract THREE months"

  12. Shannon- Ha! Thanks for the math! That will give you guys plenty of time to give me a party. :)

  13. Shannon just gave you a few days...that's hilarious!

  14. E + Shannon- Ha! I loved those few extra days, too, E. I'm sure there won't be any complaints from J either.

  15. Wow, Shannon has it all planned out for you. Thinking fertile thoughts for the Rigolosos (or is that too weird?).

    You're good with the uplifting words, Molly R.

  16. I like the plan, but not pressure or anything. But my knitting needles I'll be eagerly waiting in the meantime!

  17. Too often women dwell on their faults when they should be saying, "Hey, I'm awesome!" You have realized your awesomeness in such a beautiful way.

  18. Erin- Bring on the fertile thoughts! I love it.

    WhitMc- !!!happydance!!!

    smashleighmm- I admit, I focus on my faults way too often. I just can't imagine what we as women could accomplish if we first, believed the truth about ourselves and second, believed the truth about each other. Thank you for your beautiful comment.


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