Thursday, September 15, 2011

the very loud voices of my own fears

I want to believe the truth over and over again, but half the time, I don't listen.

I turn my head and walk briskly away, nearly running an all-out sprint, believing the ugly lies.

That I'm not enough. That I never will be.

Sometimes the lies scream. They scream so loud and so long and so often that I finally go weak and limp into the belief that the lies are the truth.

I want to listen to the truth. I want to hear it out. I don't want to run away.

I want to let the truth sing louder than the screams.

Knowing what's true and believing it deep down are two very different things.

I wonder what might happen if I dared to believe what I know to be true.


Well a long night turns into a couple long years
Of me walkin' around, around this trail of tears
Where the very loud voices of my own fears
Is ringin' and ringin' in my ears
patty griffin


My friend Candis wrote a beautiful post here with similar thoughts. We are kindred spirits if you didn't know.
There's also another beautifully written perspective here at The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell.
It's good to know we are not alone and that we can walk this journey together, encouraging one another to believe, once and for all, the truth.


  1. So glad you shared the moody post, it's real. And it is hard to be real, because then you put your whole self out there to be judged, right? But take it from your BFF, you are a total rockstar. I can just tell. And lady, you totally sing it.

  2. i love both of those ladies' blogs, as well as yours. and you should believe the truth. you're awesome and my only internet friend so that's got to be saying something!

  3. may you dream you are dreaming in a warm soft bed
    and may the voices inside you that fill you with dread
    make the sound of thousands of angels instead
    tonight where you might be laying your head.

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  5. Lady Lee- But darling, I wish you well.

    Colleen- that does say something! Thank you.

    WhitMc- you made my day.

  6. Beautiful. Women and fear and self-esteem. It's a tough road sometimes. Keep the faith.

  7. Molly you are a beautiful person, and I don't even "know" you yet.


    I can't wait to realize just how beautiful you really are soon, soon, soon.

  8. molly... great post... and so spot on. love you friend.


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