Friday, September 9, 2011

To tattoo or not to...

Everyone has an opinion about tattoos.
You love them. You hate them. You wish you had one, but you can't get up the nerve.

I never went through a phase as a teenager where I pleaded for a tattoo, much to my parents' delight,
I am certain.
I did get a second hole pierced in each of my ears when I was a freshman in college and then I had my nose pierced in grad school, but that's about as far as I went with any alternative body adornment.

Justin has a tattoo. Now that's a good story for another day. I like his very much.
For the longest time, I thought it'd be cool to get one, but I couldn't decide on two very important things:
 what I wanted and where I wanted it.

Now I know what I'd like to get should I ever get the nerve, but I still cannot figure out the placement.
I'd like the option to cover it up when I want to.
I know that automatically takes me down a few notches on the hardcore scale, but I am okay with that.

I like being a classy lady. Can you be classy and tatt'ed at the same time?
I think so, although we don't have any pictures of Chanel sporting a tatt.

I saw an older lady walking the streets of the Upper East Side a couple weeks back.
She had more visible tatts than I could count and I admit, it looked... well... it looked odd.
Will I want my grandkids to say, Come look at granny's tatt?

So tell me your thoughts. Do you have a tattoo? What do you think about them?

I'm considering a dolphin jumping into a sunset for those of you who are curious.


  1. i don't have one. and i don't know how i feel about them. like reese witherspoon's huge tat on her tummy that she just bared. yikes. it completely changes her image. see, that's why i love secretive tats. a smaller version of what you want in a place that's not visible but everyone still thinks you're so prim and proper. those are the best. not only are you scandalous with the tat, but you're secretive in that so few know about it. best of both worlds.

  2. Colleen- no doubt it'd be small and secretive, fo sho.

  3. I love my tatoo. I made myself wait at least 2 years as to make sure it wasn't a fad. It is much different living in Alabama with a tatoo than in Seattle. I thought I would wake up the next day and immediately regret my decision, but I haven't. My thoughts are make sure it is of course meaningful to you. The beauty of a tatoo is it can mark or represent a time most precious to you. It is art on the body, but it is a commitment.

  4. i have a fascination of tattoos, but don't have one myself. i've had plenty of opportunities to get one (mostly in college) but always seemed to run out of nerve and money when the time came. now i'm battling the same conundrum: what and where. i'm pretty sure i'll be that 50 year old mom getting one with my kids...

  5. Nooooo...don't do it! Everyone in my family that has one, got it before 30 and regretted it after 45.

    It is totally a personal choice, but I fear the permanence. But I am also the tard who never got the second hole, nose ring, belly button ring, or even henna when all of those were popular. I didn't get my ears pierced until my senior year of college, and my main motivation was so I could have the option of wearing earrings on my wedding day, and I wasn't even engaged yet!

    Finally, I have an obsession, perhaps fettish, with porceline-like skin (because mine will never be) and a tatt just crushes my image of that.

  6. I'm gonna get a betty boop on my boop.

    Well - I don't have judgement towards tattoo peeps, unless I married you and then I'm all, you better not get a tattoo I like your skin just the way it is thankyouverymuch.

    But for other people I'm more like - oh yes! tattoo!

  7. I'm such a goodie goodie. I don't have any, and I never would. My husband has the Christian trinity symbol over his heart. I like that people only see it when swimming. He got it at 18 and feels no regret over it. He also had an earring in junior high. Sigh.

  8. There's nothing I want on my body for the rest of my life. Plus I fear how it will change as I get...droopier.

    But to each their own and, if it makes you happy, you should do it!

  9. I don't have one.
    I want one.
    And I think I know what I want, but
    I don't know where to put it...

    I have been told that they are a fad. Years ago, people got tattoos because they had been in the military or because they had had a hard life. They really meant something... now many people just get them because it's a "trend."

    But I still think if you get something that is special to you, and if it makes you smile when you see it, then you should do it.

    Only if you're kidding about the dolphin thing.. I don't know if I approve of that :)

  10. This is bizarre because it's the almost exact situation I'm in, right down to the second ear hole in college and the nose piercing....we're tattoo contemplating twins?
    Basically, I think a tattoo should mean something, and I think a tattoo should be solely for the tattoo-ee. But it's a struggle to find the perfect words or image that has meaning and will have meaning for the rest of your life. I know so many people that went out and got a meaningless tattoo because they could.
    If you know you want one but you don't know what yet, it will come to you eventually!

  11. Jokes, folks... perhaps you'd have to know me in real life to know I have no special affinity for dolphins. I do love a good sunset, but alas, will not be covering my body in one. Small and meaningful to me would be the top 2 requirements.

    Falling From Trees- I love your perspective here. Thank you for the sound advice. I'll send you a pic of what I'm considering. I think you'd like it.

    Erin- I feel the same way about Justin's. It's pretty obscure. Most people don't even know he has one. And I like it like that. I wouldn't have pegged you as a goodie goodie and I mean that as a compliment. :)

  12. Nicole- Samesies! I do know what I want and it carries much meaning to me. It's just figuring out that dang placement. Let me know what you decide for yourself!

  13. E- we are twins, kindreds even. I want white ink on the inside of my wrist.

    (And I kinda want to be published, too, but that's a secret. I'm thinking about writing a book about dolphins.)