Monday, September 19, 2011

To the flea we did go

A couple weekends ago, Justin and I hit up the flea market on the Upper West Side.
I love a good flea and this was a great one.

We found many a treasure.

glass bottles + old, very loved toy cars + assorted knobs

Books of old postcards which reminded me I want to bring the postcard back...
such a sweet + simple way to say hello i love you i miss you.

T-shirt ties... my 8-year-old self just died a little.
This would have been heaven to me circa 1991.

So many books that made my heart sing.
I saw this table and tweeted Lady Lee and E, saying I need you here with me. Now.

Letterpress cards, I will be back to buy more of you.
I think I could even sweet talk the letterpresser himself into letting me take a few pics of his process.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Strong competition for the books? The baubles.
Like those old postcards, I bet these beauties have stories to tell.

Hi! Want to come home with me?

Then there was this dude, quite the character.
He is passionate about scavenging for glass bottles.

Baubled, chic chandys. Ooh la la.

I think this pretty bowl wanted to come home with us too.
I could just see it catching the mail and keys and ipods.
When I bring back the postcard, I think I will also bring back the hanky.
I suppose that's the old soul in me talking.

Next time, we'll stop by Trop Pops as we stroll along.

And I might just sport a t-shirt tie while I'm at it.


  1. I wish I could have been with you. This place looks amazing!!Did you find anything for our shop?

  2. this looks awesome. and i agree - t-shirt ties are the best.

  3. I would also love some chic chandys, a few good books and old jewelry, but most definitely the t-shirt ties. Wow.

  4. Wow, look at all that amazing stuff! I wish I could have been there with you to see all of it. How do you not become a hoarder? If I lived that close to an awesome flea market like that you know I would have like stacks of old book all over my house.

  5. Oh this looks so fun! The old books! Did you buy anything?

  6. this might have to be a "must visit" while we're there...

  7. Your photos are simply magical. The t-shirt sliders make me want to wear my hair in a side ponytail with crimped bangs. And I a sucker for old books, the mustier the better. Did you snag any bling?

  8. Falling from Trees- I needed you with me, too. SO many fun things for our shop.

    Lady Lee- There's a book store here where you can buy old books for $1 each. You heard me. I cannot pass them up. We are twins, but I think we knew that already.

    Erin + WhitMc- So far I've only walked away with letterpress cards and a gift for a friend, but give me time and a bit more cash in my wallet. I'll bring home some books + baubles no doubt.

    Shana- Yes! There's the best brunch place just across the street. We can eat and then hit it up. Yay!

  9. let's bring back postcards together! love all of these photos lady. you have a great eye.

  10. Shannon- Thank you, friend. And, yes, let's do it!

  11. i'm liking that green necklace with the blue bead every few! and old cars! so fun! and letterpress... oh i love me some letterpress.

  12. B- that green and blue one was my gave too.


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