Friday, September 30, 2011

'round here

I've given you some emo + wordy posts this week, friends. Thanks for hanging with me.
We're going to keep it casual today.

My friend Amber came over one evening last week wearing what looked to be two different shoes.
She got caught in the rain. One shoe dried and the other didn't. Pretty weird, huh?
You're not weird, Amber. We'll keep you.

We welcomed Fall with salted caramel apples. Fail.
The caramel was tough, the salt too salty.
We'll try again once we tweak the recipe.

Quickly becoming a fave over here... a healthy-ish parfait.
Kashi Crunch, vanilla yogurt and honey. Win.

New makeup makes my product-loving heart happy.
I love this quote. Good job, Nars.

My pal Julia sent me the sweetest surprise: an old timey looking tin filled with postcards.
Such a fun gift from my beautiful friend.

J's sister is coming to see us this weekend and we are so excited to see her.

Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather
 and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.
John Keats

That's exactly what we're looking for this weekend, Keats.
It's going to be a nice welcome to October. I can just feel it.


  1. Such a fun post! I like the wordy, deep ones but loved this one just the same. Hope your weekend is full of everything you need and want it to be!

  2. oh i love nars too. have a great weekend with your sister-in-law!

  3. your friend's shoes -- that IS weird.

    love the Keats quote. sounds like my kind of guy. have fun with your SIL!

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    SB- I think he'd be friends with us.

  5. I don't think would ever use the word "emo" to describe you. In a good way.

    And...I really want to name a son Keats.

    That is all.

  6. so glad you liked the pretty notecards! tell jessica i said hey when she gets there! ps... i just did some major catching up on your blog, and i admire you for your honesty and transparency... i have a post of my own i keep battling between publish/don't publish... you've inspired me. i love you molly... and am so, so thankful for your friendship. xoxo

  7. That granola dish looks amazingly simple. Totally stealing it.


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