Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Justin is known, well-known I might add, by all his college friends as Rigo. Apparently, there were multiple dudes named Justin in his fraternity so nicknames reigned and Rigo stuck. When we got married, I can't tell you how many envelopes had Rigo and Molly scrawled on them.

I was a mere college freshman when I first met Rigo. That's how he was introduced because that's how he was known. I believe a couple years passed before I knew Rigo was only a nickname. I remember being shocked. His name is Justin? That can't be right. His name is Rigo. Justin Rigo? No, his last name is much longer, my friend tells me, kindly teaching me about the name I would one day take as my own.

So we began to date shortly after college. He was still Rigo to me. We were talking on the phone late one night. He was driving back from the wedding of a friend (that's you, Jasmine!) and had a couple hours to spare and I was keeping him company on his drive home. The conversation started out lighthearted and jovial as usual.

And then there was a shift. I thought at first it was just a shift in our conversation, but would soon realize it was a shift in our relationship. Something was happening here. Something big.

Without even thinking I called him Justin.

We were both surprised and silence took over for a couple long seconds while my heart jumped and paced nearly burst out of my chest.

I said, I think I just called you Justin.

He paused and in a low, sexy voice replied, And I think I liked it.

Something big was happening here. No doubt about it.


  1. this is adorable. it went very well with the piece of coffee cake i just ate.

  2. Hahah, laughing out loud at Justin as I write this. And the long pause you took.

    I like the nickname Rigo.

    Your posts are always so well written Molly Rigo. I love it.

  3. Colleen & Candis- Glad you liked it! This could be the intro into our love story? That feels very official bloggery.

  4. Enter the sexy, low voice. Hey-oh!

  5. I laughed out loud, too. I love Justin and Molly stories.

  6. Erin- Hey-oh! is right, my friend.

    Lynn- Thank you :)

  7. I can just hear Justin saying, "And I think I liked it.." So funny!

  8. "And I think I liked it."

    Wow, what a man. I mean really.

  9. I really enjoyed this post. It's so fun to think back about the dating days and when things starting taking a "turn"!

  10. Love this! I have always thought calling guys by their full first name is a sign of deepened relationship.


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