Thursday, September 29, 2011

Questions Answered, part 2

Thank you so much for your kind + encouraging words yesterday on
The Hardest Post I've Ever Written Ever Ever.
It's amazing how freeing it is to admit you aren't perfect.
You are each rockstars in my book.

Q: If you could have a sibling, would you want a brother or a sister, and why?

I'd say a brother because I like the idea of having someone to stick up for you when kids at school are mean or when a boy breaks your heart or to teach you how to be all cool and rock 'n roll.

I'd say a sister because let's face it, that's suppose to be your built-in bff, right?
Someone to tell you that you really don't need to wear that dress, wear this one instead or to gossip about boys or to discuss Jonathan Taylor Thomas as it were.
Who, by the way, just turned 30. Woah.

Thankfully, my Dad took care of business when boys broke my heart and my Mama was/is my built-in best friend. Although I was probably too shy to tell her about my way obvious crush on JTT.

These girls make for some pretty great sisters, I must say.

Q: As an only child, are you totally spoiled and self-absorbed?
(That one is a joke. I don't think only children are like that.)

Ha! I know it's a joke, but I loved it!
Here's my take on being an only child.
The summary: we're just as self-absorbed as the next kid.

Q: What do you love most about yourself?

I thought this was a fitting question to address directly after all the self-absorption talk.
In general, I think it's so much harder for us to talk about our strengths.
We'll drone on and on for hours about things we can't do or things we don't like about ourselves.
The way that part of our body sags or dimples.
The way we can't cook or sew or dress like Suzy Q.
But ask us to tell you something we do well? We nearly freeze. A lot of us at least.
The flip side is we don't want to seem like braggart only children with inflated senses of self.
You don't have to be a genius to realize that if you talk about how awesome you are, you'll get a reputation for having a big, obnoxious head.

So how do you find balance?
I think it would help if we realized we aren't going to be perfect in everything, but we need to own the things we do well.
And be proud of them.

I am a good encourager.
And I like that about myself.

I dig my skin tone.
I tan easily and evenly and I kinda like that, too.

I've got pretty sweet handwriting.
Maybe I'll write you a letter and you can see for yourself.
Because I'm pretty stellar at writing letters and being thoughtful.

Okay, fine. Here's a little peak..

I'll stop now so I won't get the big head. I am an only child, you know.

More questions?
Email me. molly (dot) rigoloso (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. It's 2 am on the West Coast, and here I am, awake with a sick kid, reading your blog. I'm pretty positive I'm living the dream.

    I'm really proud my questions are showing up in each post. I'm a middle child, so I'm okay with bragging about this.

  2. and my question too! i love that picture of you on your wedding day - those seem like good sisters to me!

  3. That is seriously awesome handwriting :D I'm lucky to have 3 brothers and a sister. Couldn't imagine being an only child.

  4. oh JTT!!!!! i loved him b/c he was cute and short...just like me! hahaha
    and i've got some pretty good handwriting too...maybe we should be writing each other letters :)

  5. Love it and love you. Is it ok to brag and say I was one of your bridesmaids! What an honor!

    It is hard to say what I like about myself, I usually down myself most of the time and what a shame that is. Especially when I am created in Gods image and all things He makes are good.

    I think I am a pretty good artist. I like my eyes. I like my sense of humor.

  6. MORE WEDDING PHOTOS! I MUST SEE MORE! You look so stinkin beautiful. MORE.

  7. You look so beautiful!
    It is so hard to rejoice about our good points while we spend so much time focusing on what is wrong with us.
    I am the fifth born in eight siblings and we always had several other people living with us too so it was always a crowd.
    And yes, love the handwriting! :)

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Lady Lee- You are making me blush. Continue. I'll see what I can do. ;)

    Shannon- 10 actually. One was MIA.

    Linds- It was my honor, sister.

  9. 10?! Holy Southern Wedding, Batman!

  10. I love this series, I am learning so much about you! I have two big brothers and a little sister--my sister definitely tells me when I need to take off a dress, and usually supplies me with one to replace it with. Woah there on the wedding party, that looks like such a blast! I agree with Lady Lee: WE WANT WEDDING PHOTOS. I can't believe JTT is 30. Denial.

  11. WhitMc- Nothing makes me feel older than seeing JTT turn 30. Geez. I will see what kind of wedding photo post I can come up with...

  12. You were a gorgeous bride, and I TOTALLY affirm the things you noted to do well. TOTALLY. And I've personally been touched by them - well of your encouragement & lovely handwriting, that is. Now for your lovely, evenly tanning skin tone, I do wish you could pass impart some of that to my fair, splotchy skinned self. ;) Oh well.
    Much love & have a great weekend :)

  13. in choosing my wording, i overlooked deleting *pass* above :)

  14. mb-i love the way you write and i love that when i make my way over to your blog to catch up, it makes me laugh and get teary-eyed too. and then reid and i can talk about how much we miss you guys and would love to visit you. and we laugh about funny stories that he shared with your hubby in college. and i am honored that i was in a picture on your blog, too!
    i love you!
    kells bells

  15. You do have amazing handwriting. I'm keeping all my samples for when you become a famous author one day. I'mma sell that shiz so fast.

    Also, JTT!!!


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