Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The New York Molly

New York Molly walks boldly into the street to hail a cab.
Trying to catch a cab standing on the sidewalk will leave you cabless all day.

New York Molly raises her voice when the need be.
Like ordering Starbucks with 50 other strong New York accents.

New York Molly pushes her way through the tiny market.
Leisurely strolls are for Central Park. Not the one foot wide aisle of the bodega.

New York Molly doesn't stop and chill in the middle of the sidewalk.
Sidewalks are roadways for walking commuters.
If you need to stop, pull to the side, preferably with your back to the wall.

New York Molly will calculate the appropriate tip for the captain and the waiter.
And I mean in a restaurant, not a ship.

New York Molly promises that the best days are the unplanned ones.
When you walk these streets and stumble upon a coffee shop where you don't have to yell to be heard.

New York Molly can hang with a rough and tumble New York crowd.
But then she'll offer them a glass of sweet tea.

City and Southern.
It's a pretty sweet gig for New York Molly.

ps... Welcome new sponsor, Sarah from spoonful!
Sarah's blog was one of the very first I began reading and remains one of my faves.
Go see Sarah. She's a brilliant woman + wife + mama. I think you'll dig her. I certainly do.


  1. I like NY Molly! Ah, the best are the unplanned days! You sweet tea southern mongers...Art (Charlestonian) used to ask for sweet tea everywhere in Houston when we first met until he finally realized there was no hope. I drink my tea plain probably bc my mom does. I dump horrifying amounts of sugar into my coffee.

  2. and when you raise your voice people listen because the accent is so distinct and awesome. new york accents are a dime a dozen here, alabama ones are not. i gotta take you with me to starbuck's more often.

  3. New York Molly is amazing.

    Maybe one day she sill be Ohio Molly.

    Maybe? :)

  4. Carolyn- I knew I liked Art.

    Colleen- Yes, yes you do.

    Lady Lee- You are amazing. I like the sound of an Ohio Molly. Better yet a Candis' neighbor Molly.

  5. If I'm ever in NY then I need to stick with you. My voice does not carry at all in a crowd. Also, because I'm so short I have been known to get overlooked in the grocery store line. More than once the cashier has assumed that I was with the older {and taller} adult in front of me.

    So I would need to get feistier {or just stick with NY Molly}.... were I to visit the city.

    Thanks so much for the intro and your very kind words.

  6. SB- Stick with sister. I'll take care of you. Thanks for being such a lovely sponsor.

    The thing about the cashier made me laugh, although I am sure it is frustrating.

  7. love new york molly!! just stumbled across your blog. can't wait to read more!
    xo TJ

  8. I might be afraid of NYMolly. Would you yell at me if I took your cab?

  9. TJ- Welcome! Come back anytime!

    Erin- No need to be afraid. You'd be in the cab with me, anyway. :)

  10. That is one snazzy ring you are sporting! Love it and I should could use a sip of that drink too. :)

  11. I HEART you NY Molly! I just don't want to be in the bodega when you desperately need cheese. Actually, that is a lie, I would love to see you in the Bodega. You get the cheese, I will grab the wine.


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