Monday, September 5, 2011

Mama + Dad in New York City // part two

We got all fancied up and went to dinner at The Carlyle.

Should you forget your dinner jacket, one will be provided for you. Dad and J were on top of it.
Pearls were not required, but Mama and I felt like they would make Jackie proud.

We had a special date to the movies while the boys played hookie at the NYPD museum.

Afterward, we discussed our thoughts on the movie (we loved it) at a nearby park.
I love hearing about my mom's childhood in the South.
How some things were sadly similar to the movie and how other things thankfully were different.

We made a little stop by Crumbs.
The pink lemonade cupcake is my fave if you were wondering.

They are so very, very cute.

And these were so very, very good.

We walked through our neighborhood and Central Park to make up for all that sugah.

Showing off Grand Central to someone who has never seen it before may be one of my favorite things to do in all of New York.

We enjoyed cocktails from another era at The Campbell Apartment.
Try the Prohibition Punch. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Told you I appreciate NY Tourism.

Mom enjoyed her first piece of authentic NY cheesecake. I think she was sad she had to share.

Hello Lady Liberty.
Thank you, Staten Island Ferry, for taking us right by the lovely Lady.

We took a little stroll down the seaport along Pier 17.

And then we made our way over the Brooklyn Bridge for Grimaldi's pizza.
Sweet goodness, it's delicious.

We managed room for dessert.
I don't know if you have noticed the pattern, but we taste-tested our way around Manhattan.

We really loved introducing my parents to New York and New York to my parents.
We ate and rested and played and talked and laughed and okay, I cried when they left.

My parents are still my parents, but they are also my friends. And J's too.
We love them and we like them.

I have a feeling New York liked them, too.


  1. your post makes me hungry for some american food (particularly some delicious, greasy pizza.) :) i love me some indian food, but i like more when it's an option and less when it's my reality every ay.

    following now after an introduction from e at e tells tales!

  2. I'm so thankful for your visit and the fun you had.

  3. looks so awesome - you guys did some pretty wonderful stuff while they were here. yay for another wonderful dinner at the carlyle.

  4. So glad they got to visit! Miss you all!

  5. What a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures and details . . . and I'm confident NY loved your parents.

  6. Thanks everyone! It was an especially wonderful time with the family.

    kkp- Welcome! E is pretty fantastic isn't she? I'll send you some greasy NY pizza.

  7. I wanted to lick my computer screen when I saw that ice cream cone, especially the chocolate on the left. And the cupcake and a big ol' slice of pizza didn't look half bad either. What a fun visit you had with your parents! Thanks for sharing!


    You're Mom's face over the cheesecake KILLS ME.

    I want that green cupcake with the sprinkles.

    I want your necklace in the first photo.

    I want to see the help.

    I want some prohibition punch.

    I want to have the courage to take my baby to NYC so our real life friendship can be realized.

  9. glad to be here. yes, e is great, and i would DIE for some greasy NY pizza.

  10. Looks like you had a full, fun time. And that jealous.

  11. Sometimes I make up a dreamworld in my head where I live in NYC. Before I've alway used my knowledge of The Cosby Show and Sesame Street to invent scenarios for my NyC life. These posts help too. Thanks for the vicarious living.

  12. Erin- come visit and it won't have to be vicarious anymore!

  13. Yum, Yum, and YUM. Those cupcakes look amazing--I was trying to explain to my coworker last week about the levels of cupcake goodness. He stated that it cannot be very difficult to reach cupcake greatness. I replied that he clearly has not had a truly fantastic cupcake. And it was true--I polled him on his cupcake consumption and it consisted of only subpar cupcakeries. And I am dying to see The Help, I am so glad you liked it. The book was fantastic so I can't wait to see the characters come to life.

  14. What a wonderful trip! I am so jealous that I can't come see you while you're there - all of your pictures have made this pregnant woman STARVING!

  15. Looks like so much fun! Lovin' all the food pics.

  16. I want to come visit you.. I can bring pearls! xo S

  17. Sarah- If you come visit, I will provide the pearls!


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