Friday, September 23, 2011

Sharing Secrets + Acting Official

Hello Friends!

I've been pondering a little Questions and Answers gig here on my ole blog for a while now.
My friend Lady Lee recently did it. My pal Elizabeth did it.
The thing is... Blogger Q&As feel very bloggery official.
I don't feel famous or fabulous or fierce. I just feel like me.
Okay, maybe I feel a little fabulous and fierce.
But several of you have been asking questions lately via email, via twitter.
Really, really good questions.
I began to think... if there are a handful of you being curious and vocal, then there may be another handful being curious and silent.

So let's do this thing, shall we?
Here's how we'll play...
You ask the questions. Anything you want to know.
I'll hide the comments so only my Rigoloso brown eyes will read them.
And then, tada!
I will do my best to answer them honestly (in future posts) and maybe even make you laugh a little along the way.

I'll even start with a sneak peek into random products I love... because I am sure you are all dying to know what kind of deodorant I use.

I love Tom's products. This fresh apricot deodorant is new to me, but I love it.
It smells good, but it also works. As in, I still smell good all day long. Done.
Method body wash in Refresh Mint.
This makes me feel so fresh and so clean clean.
The scent can wake me up, but it can also relax me.
So basically I am telling you that this body wash is a genius.

OLAY night of olay firming cream.
When my friend Al was in town we talked products.
Her Bobbi Brown makeup girl told her we women should have started using an anti-wrinkle cream
at the ripe age of 20. Twenty.
I can't remember all the thoughts I had as a 20-year-old sorority girl,
but I can promise you visions of face firming cream did not dance in my head.
I'm giving this $6 OLAY a go before I invest in Bobbi.
No offense, Ms Brown, LYLAS.
I think I may have found one of my Fall nail colors.
Sephora by OPI, My Personal Serpent, an opaque dark teal.
My friend Hillary introduced me to L'Occitane products and I fell in love instantly.
The Amande shower oil almost makes me look forward to shaving my legs.
Which I do

So now it's your turn. This face won't lie.

You Ask. I'll Tell.

ps... I'll give you all weekend to drill me. Think of something on Saturday? On Sunday? Come on back and ask it.