Monday, September 12, 2011

friends + NYC ♥

My friend Deanna and her man Scott recently visited us here in NYC.
We packed a lot into two days, so I'm packing a lot into this post.

Top of the Rock, the view never gets old

 Staten Island voyage

Beer voyage

South Street Seaport, a new fave spot

Walking through Central Park

Again, it never gets old

It was extra magical that day

We hit up Broadway
Review of Catch Me if You Can in one word: solid

Brunch on the UWS at Isabella's

Looking sharp before we began to sweat

Walked the High Line and ate a popsicle to cool down

Toured Chelsea Market

Eleni's Bakery, some of the cutest sweets in the city

With strong competition from Jacques Torres

We friends and we NYC.
The two together? Near perfection.

Anyone want to make reservations at The Rigoloso Apartment?


  1. I want those cookies. And I have a FedEx discount! Let's make it happen.

  2. Erin- I wish you'd just come here and get them yourself. Bloggy friend visit!

  3. Those biscuits do look amazing! I really need to make it to NYC one day, when I can actual remember the trip properly.

  4. what an awesome weekend! i saw catch me if you can too and really enjoyed it - you definitely did a lot in 2 days!

  5. L!$@- Come on for a visit. I can give any professional tour guide a run for their money!

    Colleen- we really did cover Manhattan, huh?

  6. you have to stop with the food/friend posts. I look around cbus and all I see are red robins and olive gardens and no rigo's. Gross.

    I love that logo of Eleni's. So so cute. I woder what the typeface is.

    Also your floral dress and seafoam purse are so cute.

  7. Candis- It's all a guise to get you and Drew Jones to hop on the next plane over to nyc. Glad to know it's working!

    I loved that typeface, too. Let me know if you find it. I've got a couple other close-up pics of it if you are interested.

    Or you could come see it for yourself. Holla!

  8. Sigh. Everett and I would like to book a two week stay.

    Love that aqua purse you got on ya shoulder.

  9. E- We want Mike to come, too, but we know Winfield would probably shut down without him.

  10. i want a popsicle.

    isn't that sad/pathetic that thats what im thinking about now?

    oh, and next blogger meet baby!!!

  11. We just loved our visit to NYC and hanging with the Rigoloso's! Thank you so much, my friend, for being an excellent tour guide and host. You guys are the best!!! XOXO

  12. B- sounds good to me. I'll get you all the pops you want. In fact, yesterday I found a recipe for sangria pops. Yes? yesss.

    Ms Stubbs (Deanna)- We loved you guys being here!

  13. So much fun! Isn't it great when your friends and family come see you and you can show them around. Plus, it just does the heart good. I remember the feeling when I lived in Dallas (not quite NYC) and would have visitors. I am not sure I did as fab of a job as you.... I think I need one of your tours of NYC! :)

  14. kkd- We were in Dallas before NYC! You can check out the link in the left sidebar... you may just see some of your old stomping grounds. Come visit anytime and I'll be happy to be your personal guide!

  15. It seems as though y'all are always the best hosts...not surprising. It does get tiring sometimes showing people 'your city' but I guess NY has SO MUCH to see..unlike Graz. :) I have those comfy for long days of walking.

  16. Carolyn- Those Birks took some breaking in, but now they are best shoes for walking while looking semi-stylish! Thanks for your kind words, friend.

  17. Yes --- I want a reservation. And I'll take two of those cute cookies as well. Looks like a delightful visit.

  18. MOLLY!!!! This is Wendy (Sisson) Ponce! So glad Deanna emailed your blog! I miss you soo much! It looks like y'all had a blast. I talked to Deanna already so I know she did! ;-) Jorge and I need to make a trip there soon! We went to NYC in 2009 and LOVED it! We keep saying we want to go back. Now we have another reason! I gotta get your number and catch up girlfriend! It's been WAY TOO LONG!!

  19. I would like to make a reservation, please. :)


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