Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Margaret Russell

Do you know Margaret Russell?
She's the former editor-in-chief of Elle Decor and the current editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest.
She was also one of my fave judges on Bravo's Top Design.

Anyways, I am pretty sure I sat in the booth next to her at one of my local neighborhood diners.
In fact, I would bet good money on it if I were the betting kind.
She was dressed in all black, a nod to one of her signature looks, with a giant Louis on her arm and some amazing platformed kicks on her feet.

Here's the odd part: she was texting on a flip phone.
Why would someone with such design and fashion prowess not use the most updated cellular technology?
I'll be honest, the flip phone was the one thing wrong with the whole picture.

I still think it was Margaret and I'd still put my money on it.

What do you think, friends? Was she trying to disguise herself with her dated celly?

Dear Margaret Russell, we want to know.
And ps... I think chunking the Louis would be a better way to throw us off.
I will gladly take it off your hands.


  1. that is odd. i don't see anyone with a flip phone, except maybe my grandmother.

  2. I'm laughing that you noticed and are calling her out on the flip phone! ha!! Who else famous have you seen?

  3. Leslie- I'm not knocking the flip by any means. Justin didn't even get a cell phone until he was maybe 23?

    kkd- Pretty wild, huh? We've seen Ann Curry and then we stumbled upon the filming of the movie New Year's Eve and saw Ashton Kutcher & Lea Michele. J thinks he spotted Philip Seymour Hoffman, but wasn't positive. Think Margaret would rock the flip?

  4. hahaha, at least she didn't pull out a zac morris.

  5. *Insert repeat comment about being jealous of your NYC life here. Sigh.

    I miss flip phones. I thought they were the best. I'm serious. Margaret's probably nostalgic for a simpler time. Before she sold her soul to Louis.

  6. Erin- ha! You should have seen the size of that thing... easily twice her own body weight. Soul selling would have been her only option. Maybe she had to sell her iPhone, too? You crack me up.

  7. ooh, makes me wonder! I recently met the old editor and chief of cottage living. We spoke, I gushed. K thinks its odd that I can get so excited about someone like that yet could not care less about a celebrity never mind pick them out in a crowd. ha.


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