Thursday, September 22, 2011

Allison in the City

Meet my friend Allison.
We have been friends since grad school orientation.
When J and I got engaged, I called Allison and said, Rally the troops.
She called our circle of friends, gathered everyone at her apt, we showed up,
and they toasted us with gas station champagne.
Allison's a classy girl, but the gas station was the only store open that late at night.
It is probably one of my favorite memories of our entire engagement.
Needless to say, this girl is one of the dearest people in my life.

Allison lives in New Orleans, but made time for a little trip to the East Coast
to hang with us and kick off her birthday week NYC style.
We always pick up where we left off and talk about everything from Bobbi Brown makeup to politics to the Kardashians to Charlie Sheen to the BP Oil Crisis.
You can tell we have PR backgrounds, no?

If you stop by Jacques Torres, skip the Ménage a Trios and get the Liquid Caramel with the rum twist.
I can be trusted in matters related to chocolate. Promise.

Allison has been to NYC several times before,
so we took the opportunity to explore different areas of Manhattan.
La Bottega Cafe has been on our hit list since the last time we wandered the streets of Chelsea.

The only downfall was Allison's Gin + Stormy tasting like soap. Strike one for La Bottega.
Everything else was tasty, tasty.
 The atmosphere was also really cool rocking orange lanterns and twinkley lights.

Skip the soapy Gin + Stormy and I think you will be happy.
ps... the meat and cheese and olive tray brought great redemption. Plus one, La Bottega.

A traditional NYC black + white waited on Al's pillow.
It's a regular ole Ritz here at The Rigoloso Apt.

Next up, we got crazy and went to see Spiderman.
The most expensive Broadway production in history.
Well worth it, friends, and that's coming from someone who barely even knew the Spiderman story.

Hot dogs from a street vendor can be hit or miss.
Thankfully, this day they were a huge hit.
We had some big shopping to do (think H&M + Zara) and we needed some additional fuel.
Sidenote, J likes to call H&M "Hot & Modern."  He's our in-house funnyman.

Introducing Al to Grand.

Our fancy fance girls' dinner at The Hurricane Club.

Peking Duck Sammies / Croque Monsieur Spring Rolls / Coconut Shrimp /
PB & Guava J with Proscuitto / Tuna Tartare / Samoan Deviled Eggs


Oh you wanted to see an upclose of my dress? Why, thanks!
ASOS, friends. It makes me feel sassy. I might just have to go dancing in it.
Al gifted me with that rockstar orangey clutch.
ps... I am leaning heavy into the orangey this Fall.


Toasting my sweet Al before she returned to NOLA.
I think it's safe to say we celebrated her birthday in true New York style.

I beat even the Kardashians are jeal they don't have an Al in their lives.
As they should be.


  1. LOL! This post reminded me of the episode of Seinfeld in which they buy the black and white. Do you remember it? Oh, it's hilarious!

  2. i am very happy to see ya'll went to the hurricane club ;) it's so awesome. and yes, i did want to see a close-up of your dress (and that beautiful clutch).

  3. Love the dress! Love the cluch..I have seen that somewhere and loved it up. Fun fun.

  4. I love your dress also! And, Spiderman on Broadway? Very fun.

  5. sweet allison, i bet you did have a great time! What a great way to celebrate her birthday.

  6. You are going to be the best dressed blogger in the boston house. omg. gimme that dress, that purse that chambray top. you are such a doll. i love the hotdog pic of allison too, so cute.

    well your post leaves me drooling as usual. thanks a lot mollyrmoonshinewonderwomanrigo.

  7. Candis- Ha! You made me laugh again this morning. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be in a house with a bunch of fly ladies.

    Leslie- Someone else recently mentioned that scene. I'll youTube it!

  8. I'm coming to the Ritz House of Rigo next spring, mark it down. Even though, with my luck, I'll probably end up getting a bad street vendor hotdog and have to breastfeed Everett over the trashcan again.

  9. It must be said: Hostess with the Mostess.

  10. Thanks for swinging by and making us part of your NYC adventures. Love the photo of the two of you with your tickets! If you have a sec, we'd love you to share your Spidey experience with others on Yelp:

  11. Dear Spiderman,
    I never knew I'd get to talk with you directly! You're pretty famous and all. I'll go tell Yelp how much I love you and how cool you are.
    molly R

  12. smashleighmm- You made me blush. Thank you for your sweet words!

  13. I am so jealous that you guys ate at La Bottega Cafe - that place looked so neat a few weeks ago. Also, L.O.V.E. the dress!

  14. you're such a great friend, Molly. your dress was so lovely, and - wow - a personal contact from Spiderman?! very cool.

  15. Oh my goodness, I am jealous! You had so many fun times!

    P.S. I've got a giveaway going on today on my blog. Come check it out!

  16. Thanks again to the hostess with the mostess, Molly! Best birthday I've had in ages, and thanks again for being a part of making that happen. I'm happy to play hostess any time you and J want to visit me in NOLA! Hopefully, it will be soon :)

  17. So, so, so jealous! I wish I could have been part of Al's NYC B-day celebration! Love you both!

  18. It looks like you have so much fun! I think I'll very much enjoy following your adventures :)


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