Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome, August. I can't believe you're here already.


Right now I am wondering what happened to July.
I am hoping the heat wave has left NYC for good.
I am excited J is off work for a couple days.
I am wondering what adventure awaits us.
I am looking forward to visits from family and friends.
I am craving cherry limeade seltzer.
I am missing my grandmothers.
I am getting into Mad Men. Trendsetter, I know.
I am detesting our cable package.
Will someone please give me Project Runway updates?
I am cooking a new recipe tonight for dinner. Check this place.
I am still very much in love with The Big Apple.
I am officially out of coffee.

Be nice & stick around awhile, ok, August?
Happy Monday to you.

"New York... it's building after building, little compartments filled with possibilities."
Mad Men

Edited to add:
Good News: Erin totally came through for me... Project Runway Season 9 online! Thank you Erin!


  1. August totally surprised all of us...I can't imagine living in'd be so overwhelming for me! lol!

  2. seriously where DID july go? can't believe it's already august...but i must say im looking forward to a little less heat around these parts.

  3. I cannot believe it's already August! This summer is going by waaaaaay too fast!

  4. August definitely caught me by surprise! I hope it lingers around for awhile:-) xoxo

  5. I cannot believe it's August, ahhh I'm not ready for fall!!!

  6. oh August... I wish it would go away and bring me back June and July... seems my summer vacation flew by without much actual vacationing! I am however looking forward to fall with its football and cooler temps and a trip to the Big Apple to see my friend! :)

  7. I have been out of coffee since we left for vaca last week. Which wasn't a big deal until we came home yesterday. I miss my morning cup!

  8. I guess August pulled a fast one on all of us.

    @Deanna: Can't wait to see you, friend. You are on the calendar!

    @Shannon: We need to get our priorities straight.

  9. well hello fellow new yorker. I like your bloggy blog.

  10. Girl! You can watch Project Runway online!! I don't have cable, but if you go to, there are FULL EPISODES! I was almost late for a doctors appointment yesterday because I was busy watching the first episode of this new season :)

    (Also, Colleen is my blog friend, and it seems like you two get along, and I think we could too! Love your blog!)

  11. I can offer any Project Runway updates you might need. Anya=My New Lady Crush. Oliver Green=Where is his the biography on this kid because I want to read it.

    And I just got into Mad Men too. Don Draper-love him or hate him?


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