Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random thoughts on a Wednesday morn

Good Morning to you, friends.
My favorite way to start the morning?
Sitting on my bed, sipping hot coffee, windows open, welcoming the new day.
 Easing into it.
The absence of creamer and presence of expired milk brought the coffee portion of my morning to an abrupt halt.
Needless to say, lemonade doesn't have quite the same affect as morning brew. 
We had the official farewell fĂȘte for Sarah Beth.
We celebrated Southern style, complete with fried okra and cornbread and deviled eggs.
Thursday she will say goodbye NYC, hello London.
Sipping sweet tea, I looked around the room at the myriad of friends gathered to wish her well on this new journey.
Old friends from the South, new friends from the North.
All gathered in one place at one time for one special friend.
It was one of those perfect evenings I won't soon forget.
I had my first haircut this side of the Mason-Dixon at Beehive in Brooklyn.
The beehive hair dryers cracked me up. What if I told you I'm rocking the 'hive?

After our respective cuts, Amber and I ventured down the street for a delicious meal at egg.
And we colored on the table, too.
Strolling the streets of Williamsburg made me long for my big camera and for J.
Another lovely mix of old and new.
I think we shall go back.

Mast Brothers Chocolate.
The smell alone is intoxicating.
And the packaging? Simple and clever and perfect.

The view of uptown NYC from Williamsburg. Far from disappointing.

I'm off to buy creamer and other important necessities.
Because let's face it, easing into the day with lemonade isn't quite the same.


  1. lemonade doesn't work when coffee is what you're going for.

    and i think you could rock the hive.

    and i did some amazeballs thrifting in williamsburg two years ago. did not disappoint.

  2. ahhh i miss nyc :( lol and i've only been gone 8 hours. love strolling brooklyn, and the brewery is fun. i have been dying to go to egg, i bet it was so delicious.

  3. Ohhhh I want all that chocolate! xo

  4. Bridget- Thanks for the confidence regarding the 'hive. I still have my doubts. While in Williamsburg I was all, I want to go in there and in there and in there. So many fun places.

    Colleen- Hurry back so we can stroll Brooklyn together.

    Katie- Yes, yes you do. :)

  5. For me it has to be coffee... sometimes even esspresso. Don't know how you did it with lemonade!! Brave woman!

  6. Lemonade wouldn't do anything for me in the morning either. I gotta have my Diet Mountain Dew.

  7. I haven't been to NYC since I was a kid, but from everything I see online I have a feeling I'd love these types of neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Looks like a great place to explore!


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