Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, Monday

Today my list of Things To Do includes...
unpacking our weekend bags
doing laundry, $2.25 to wash and $2 to dry
planning the week + a much anticipated visit from family around the corner
cooking dinner
general catch up from our weekend away to Connecticut, anyone want to see pictures?
hanging onto J a little bit longer before his work week begins tonight

Enjoy a helpful Monday tip compliments of the kind folks at the Derian Post Office.

Quick Addition:
I just got to gchat with my sweet pal in Lusaka, Zambia.
10:19am for me and 4:19pm for her.
Officially made my Monday morning much happier.


  1. Yes, we want pictures! It looked beautiful.

  2. Sounds good, ladies. Pictures coming soon.

  3. sounds fabulous... and your fork in road looked amazing!

  4. i did find the tip helpful. thanks :)
    i loved the pictures that you, indeed, posted above.
    AND i love that you have a friend in lusaka, zambia. david spent much time there. teresa pugh and i also paid a visit.
    love you much

  5. totally sat silas on the post office counter. darien would have hated me.


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